Friday, September 7, 2012

The Blue Prince: Mid-series catch-up (Unseen footage)

Waking from their night’s sleep, the four adventurers debated what to do next.
The half-orc: Orestes, naturally wanted to follow the magical orc letter and head towards the nearby ‘Fasel wood’. Dokan however wanted to follow the raven’s mysterious invitation to the diamond-mining town of Khajag.
Indigo sided with Orestes but Dokan dug his cloven heels in. The three of them argued for over half-an-hour but no redress could be found.
Zavia, the newly joined gnomess, wisely decided to keep her own council. She didn’t know these three well enough yet to try and influence their decisions.
Realising that Indigo and Orestes weren’t going to change their minds, Dokan decided to head off to Khajag alone. It was only then that Zavia made up her mind.
Two groups of two seemed fair to her and Dokan was at least heading toward a promise of gold.
The four adventures split up. Orestes and Indigo to search the forest and Dokan and Zavia to journey to Khajag and the Blue prince…

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