Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Unable to see the wood for the cheese

After a brief moment of indecision, the monk Indigo sprints into the undergrowth after the orc warrior. Knowing his memories are suspect, Indigo can’t let the orc wander off alone. He may be a friend and, in his current state, he’d be easy pickings for the various groups of orc hunting mercenaries currently searching these woods.
Meanwhile, still hidden behind some foliage, Charlie Stilton tries to calm his breath while he wracks his brain for answers.
He didn’t just appear here but, for the life of him, he can’t remember the journey or any of the people in the clearing.
One of them had called out to him though, as he ran…
They knew his name…
They weren’t cursing it or shooting arrows at him…
And, as he watches them recover magical item after magical item from the bodies of fallen adventures…
He desperately wants a share of that loot!
Taking a deep breath, Charlie Stilton stands up and walks, in what he hopes looks like a confident manner, back into the clearing.
The other adventurers look around, momentarily losing sight of the monk.
Those few seconds are critical though, as Indigo is lost to them, swallowed up by the same eerie mist and darkness that now holds the unknown orc.

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