Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Born to rule

After a few minutes, the still battered Aurelius enters Orestes’ tent. He is supported by two of his most trusted commanders but shrugs them off as they pass the threshold and kneels at Orestes’ feet.
Without looking up, he speaks clearly in the hushed silence.
‘You summoned me, my leader?’
Orestes bids him rise and then directs him to the rug and cushions spread on the floor.
‘Sit Aurelius. We have much to discuss’.
Four orcs and one tiefling settle down on the soft flooring: Orestes, Aurelius, Votton, Elige and Dokan.
Drinks and food are ordered and as they get comfortable, Orestes considers these four.
Dokan he has known for over a year. An odd mix of corruption and nobility…
Still, he has proved his loyalty and bravery time and time again.
Votton and Elige are unknown to him but they are Aurelius’ most trusted aids. This makes them trustworthy.
Trustworthy because Aurelius trusts them.
Trustworthy because Aurelius radiates wisdom and nobility.
Aurelius an intelligent and experienced orc who willingly gave up his advantage in their initial bout so he could help defend their people.

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