Thursday, November 15, 2012

(T)orc of war

Dokan finds himself in a strange situation. Surrounded by friendly orcs and a trusted ally of their new chief.
Orestes: Chief of the Broken lance tribe.
Aurelius and Orestes are starting to discuss their immediate future when the entrance to the tent opens up and the hulking Bodan strides in.
‘I am here to pay homage to my new chief!’
Bodan was named after his father: Konan, a great, savage warrior and Bodush: The evil human sorcerer that infamously killed hundreds of orcs in the battle that destroyed the Broken lance clan. Scores of children were killed that day. Children that would never be avenged.
As the mighty Bodan bows, a diminutive gnome is revealed behind him.
Gauss smiles nervously as they’re both ushered to sit with the others.
Ale flows and soon the conversation turns to war.
War against Thereanthor and war against the Blue prince.
Orestes speaks of the possibility of leading his new army against the Blue prince…
‘Outrageous!’ squeaks the gnome.
‘This was never part of our plan. You would alert Thereanthor of our machinations and bring ruin to us all!’
The gnome looks to the others for support but finds none.
Bodan is already smiling at the prospect of battle. 
‘For so long, I have battled alone. Killing Dragon-borns and Black-cloaks wherever I could. But always small scale for I lacked any support. Now though, perhaps I can cause the accursed Thereanthor more trouble…’
Votton and Elige nod in agreement and Gauss looks horrified.
‘No! I forbid it!’
At this, Aurelius looks annoyed.
‘You ‘forbid’ it do you? Although I appreciate what you’ve done for us, never forget who and what we are. We are the Broken lance clan. We are warriors born. We are reunited at last and we have a strong leader. We are your friends but we are not your servants.’
Gauss cowers under Aurelius’ gaze before the grizzled orc continues.
‘The Blue prince now knows for certain that there is a gathering of the orcs. A large gathering. If we all flee, he or his bitch mother will hunt us down… If a large number of us fight though…’
Aurelius stops as he considers the situation but Gauss interrupts.
‘What you’re offering is a distraction while we evacuate the camp? This actually isn’t a bad proposition. Let me broker it with my superiors.’
And with that, Gauss leaves the tent.
Bodan laughs. ‘I like the little fellow but surely the Gnomes opinion has no baring on what we’re going to do.’
‘No’ agrees Aurelius, ‘But it doesn’t hurt to keep our friends contented’.
Orestes looks at his two generals, his human and tiefling friends and the orcs in his tent.
His orcs.
All told, he’s got over four hundred orcs willing to fight for him.
Willing to die for him!
Should he risk them in a battle against the Blue prince or should he lead them to the safety of Mount Sneafang?
He hasn’t even been officially crowned yet but responsibility already feels heavy on his brow.

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