Wednesday, November 14, 2012

They came, they saw, they tried to take your stuff.

Turnaround’s fair so here’s the stuff of the mercenaries who tried to kill you...

Clayton the Ranger

Gambit ‘Drowmesh’ leather armour +4 Lvl:18   AV2  85,000gp
Point blank longbow +4 Lvl:18   AV1  85,000gp
Bracers of archery +4 Lvl:16   AV1  45,000gp
Potion of Vitality Lvl:15   PHB1  1,000gp

Durden the knight

Champions ‘layered’ plate armour +4 Lvl:19   AV1  105,000gp
Bastard sword of flanking +4 Lvl:18   AV1  85,000gp
Heavy shield of flaring Lvl:14   AV1  21,000gp
Dread helm Lvl:13   AV1  17,000gp

Morgan the Hexer

Staff of the War mage +3 Lvl:13   PHB1  17,000gp
Robe of contingency +3 Lvl:14   AV1   21,000gp
Ring of Shadow travel Lvl:15  AV1  25,000gp

Sad Bart the knife-man

Counterstrike leather armour +3 Lvl:15   AV2  25,000gp
Assasin’s cloak +3 Lvl:14   AV2  21,000gp
Assassin’s blade dagger +3 Lvl:13   AV1  17,000gp
Assassin’s slippers Lvl:11   AV1  9,000gp

Dinklage the Dwarf

Avalanch hammer +3 Lvl:14   AV2 21,000gp
Delver’s platemail +3 Lvl:13   PHB1  17,000gp
Heavy Mountain shield Lvl:14   AV1  21,000gp




  1. I think I may strip Durdan the Knight and take all his stuff - especially his shiny layered plate ;)
    Dag - if you want to challenge me for the Bastard sword - then do say so ...

  2. The fighter: Durden's equipment could have been tyler'ed especially for you.

  3. I am not fighting you for a Bastard Sword...I am purely a long and short sword fightin' sort of guy.

  4. Dokan does indeed take and put on that lovely Layered Plate armour ... nice ;)
    If nobody takes it he also don's the bracers and bow from Clayton.
    Come on somebody must be better for it than me.
    "Maybe", Dokan thinks, "I'll give them to Vogir when I see him again."

  5. If no-one wants the Assassin's stuff then Charlie will take first refusal...

  6. I think it'd be a bit immoral of Vogir to take things from an adventure he wasn't even in.
    Don't worry though, I'll get some nice stuff through the 'DM bonus scheme'.