Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Surfeit of Treasures

I've just taken a look back at the incredible amount of high-level treasure Kirk has given out in just the last couple of sessions.
It is truly staggering in scale. Although the most staggering is in fact the Layered Plate :P

Dokan sees that and claims it as his own, immediately.
He'd like the rest of Durden's stuff too, but realises he is not at all proficient in the use of a Bastard Sword, and that he rather likes the helm he already has.  If he could carry the shield as a spare, he'd happily take it, but he is burdened as it is and likes his Deflection Shield.

From Mags, he picks up the Orc's Eye Amulet and happily puts it around his neck. (Not claimed yet!!)

So a lot of stuff to claim yet (just look at all the posts marked "Treasure"!).

If no one wants Clayton's stuff, Dokan would happily taken the bow, and bracers and improve his ranged attacks. :)  Although, he feels it ought to belong to an true Archer - and he can only think of one ...

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  1. I love it that everyone always thinks that all my characters are archers, just because they possess a bow and are a bit on the 'cautious' side.