Friday, January 28, 2011

Tremor with fear

Vogir follows the rest of the group back into the binding chamber. The very walls are shaking now and, as he passes into the chamber leading to the pit, he sees why.
The creature. The enormous creature is half out of its prison.
Stopping in his tracks, Vogir watches as his teammates rush into action. The Shadow chain Dwarves set two of the artefacts down.
The Rib and the Hand.
Bayern places the Heart and the fleet footed Niema sprints to place the Eye.
All of them chant the binding prayer and the Stone Titan reels.
Ghanash and Orestes rush towards the mountainous demi-god.
Rudha-an also closes.
Vogir, momentarily paralyzed with fear, stands beside the Dwarven cleric: Bayern.
Notching an arrow and steadying his breath, Vogir fires an arrow into the only vulnerable spot he can see.
Its eye. Its single remaining eye.
The arrow flies true and hits dead centre!
But it fails to penetrate. A scratch at best.
The others strike at the stone behemoth like bees around a bear.
It’s only the loss off its eye, hand, rib and heart that prevents it from crushing everyone like bugs.
Despite its disabilities, two of the Dwarves quickly get trampled under its terrible heel.
Rudha-an and Orestes are dominated by the creature’s massive will and in confusion turn against themselves.
Finally though the creature starts to weaken and it’s only then that Vogir feels the courage to advance.
His arrows have done a little damage but he knows that his two magical swords can do more.
Vogir isn’t there long however before the Tiefling demoness appears out of the shadows and topples the Titan with more of her dark magic.
Looking directly at him, Niema licks the dusty blade that brought down the creature.
As their eyes lock, a feeling of icy fear trickles down Vogir’s spine.


  1. Dusty blade??? DUSTY BLADE??? I keep my tools clean, thank you very much! I wash them on a regular basis in the blood of my countless victims ;-)

  2. Dusty is indeed correct. Earth titans have no blood.

    Plus, as Kirk intimates, he was never killed, merely subdued and dragged back down the pit which is magically sealed by an invisible field of force. There he is bound in the depth of the mountain by the power of Moradin and Torog.

    The binding circles will forever have to be monitored and the Shadowed Chain will always do so.

  3. But dry dust doesn't taste that great. And who says earth titans have no blood? Might be a dry, brown stuff with an earthy flavour......

  4. dry, brown fluid I mean :) I have seen no earth titan to disprove this theory!