Monday, December 19, 2011


(A few days after the defeat of the sea serpent)

Whist his adventuring companions are drinking and whoring, Vogir seeks out Rhold: the vendor of magics that Dokan had discovered.
Walking into the stone building, Vogir takes in the secure door and guards sitting at the far end of the shop front.
An old and hunched man comes through a side door at the sound of the entrance bell ringing.
“Hello my young sir. How may I help you on this brisk morning?”
Laying both his swords and his leather armour on the counter, Vogir returns the shopkeeper’s smile.
“I’d like you to increase the enchantments in these items. And if possible exchange one of these swords.”
The wrinkly skinned wizard casually examines the items laid before him.
“Hmmn, dark magic.”
Vogir lets his smile drop and leans forward.
“Yes, but can you do it?”
Rhold also leans forward until his face is mere inches away from Vogir’s.
“Not for money, but if you’d run an errand for me….”

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It ain't heavy, it's my backpack

Can anyone shed any light on encumbrance rules in this glorious new 4th edition?

All I could find was in the PHB stating that Heavy Load (greater that 10xStr) means that you are slowed.

Is there any other effect - maybe on your to-hit or AC or movement speed or skills?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gobble, Gobble, Goblin Christmas Treasure!

As the Party seethes at the unresolved judgment against the crooked magical vendor Rhold, they take solace in dividing up their spoils from their misadventure…

+4 Vicious Backbiter from Rhold. (65,000gp)
(6,500gp to have CURSE removed!)

200gp from Eyulf.

30,000gp from the tribe chieftainness Unreeka.
Ring of Free Movement from the tribe chieftainess Unreeka. (25,000gp)

Frost spear +3 from the tribe chieftain Dovmont. (17,000gp)
Razor Scale armour +3 from the tribe chieftain Dovmont. (13,000gp)
Crown of command from the tribe chieftain Dovmont. (65,000gp)

Short sword of Wounding +3 from the tribe sub chieftain Grundel. (21,000gp)
Dwarven chainmail +2 from the tribe sub chieftain Grundel. (2,600gp)

Rod of first blood +3 from the tribe Hexer Brindor. (17,000gp)
Bloodthread cloth armour +2 from the tribe Hexer Brindor. (5,000gp)

Gauntlets of Destruction from the Bugbear strangler. (85,000gp)

8 x +1 Longbows from the Hobgoblin archers. 360gp each (2,880gp)
8 x +2 Flails from the Hobgoblin soldiers. 1,800gp each (14,400gp)
4 x +2 Morning stars from the Bugbear warriors. 1,800gp each (7,200gp)
5 x +2 Hide armour from the Bugbear warriors: 1,800gp each (9,000gp)

Total value: 372,780gp!

Monday, December 12, 2011

The real goblin war camp

The whole camp sits within a rough circle of woodland (Half movement).
The inner circle is an incomplete circle made from fifteen foot high stone menhirs.
Each menhir is spaced a couple of feet apart. Too small to squeeze through, but you could fire arrows through the gaps if it weren't for the rush matting strung between each of the stone blocks.
There are five fires burning outside the stone fort. The four big ones are surronded by tall wooden stakes, each one topped by a blackened skull. Most of them human.
Inside the fort are several crude wooden and thatched huts.
There is also an unlit fire.
The strange building in the northern part of the map looks like a huge termite nest. It's well over twenty feet tall, but has only one hacked out doorway.

Green dots are Goblin soldiers.
Cyan dots are Hobgoblin archers.
Magenta dots are the party.

Three stooges

The dark haired Eyulf smiles as he sips the red wine in front of him.
“Do you think those three adventurers will give Dovmont much trouble?”
The hunch-backed and grey Rhold bares his yellow teeth in response. “Unlikely. There were only three of them with no magical support. Their only healer is a Paladin and I hobbled him with that cursed sword!”
Staring through his crystal glass into the roaring fire of the living room, Eyulf falls silent for a moment. “This little wheeze of yours has served us well for the last few years. Tricking small groups of idiot adventures into facing a much larger force than they had prepared for, having them killed and taking their stuff but…”
Rhold smiles again. “What’s wrong old friend? Do you have one of your ‘bad feelings’? Don’t worry. Not one adventurer has returned in all the years we’ve been doing this. Dovmont’s Redshirt clan has never failed us. ”
Eyulf’s smile slips now though. “But these three were part of a larger group. A group that was able to kill that sea serpent. What will we do if they get help? What will we do if they return?”
Rhold’s smile falters a little. “They will not survive, but even if they do, we have my guards, my magic and your knives. Trust me, we’ll be fine.”