Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Working out all the Angels

The combat has become much more brutal.
The elf Twinkle was finally brought down by Gabriel only to be instantly healed by the distant Porkins.
Rather than stand and fight though, she fled back to the protection offered by the stubborn dwarf.
The cowardly tiefling Belial also chose to blast and run, hurting the Minotaur Michael, but only glancingly.
The other three ‘Angels’ concentrated their divine fire on the dragon-born paladin: Rip.
Blow after blow rained down on him, leaving him bloodied, reeling and blinded.
Somewhat heroically though, he managed to stay on his feet
So, four sessions in and all the combatants are still on their feet (if one of them, just barely).
Twinkle, Gabriel and Raphael have used their Action points and poor Rip has used his Second wind!
Next session: Monday the 2nd of April. 9pm.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Holy Cow!

The first round was a cautious draw.
The second round went comfortably to the Revengers.
The third round?
Despite how the map makes it look, the Revengers spent the whole session on the defensive and several healing powers down.
Any damage team Manus Archangelus took previously was healed up and the Rune priest Minotaur: Michael created several powerful and scary zones to bolster the angels further.
Will the Revengers be able to escape?
Will team Manus Archangelus pursue them out of their ‘safety zone’?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

After the psalm comes the storm

After a slow, tactical first session, Manus Archangelus found the Revengers close to the centre of the battlefield.
Gabriel was first to appear and so she was the one hit by both the waiting Belial and Twinkle.
She was hurt but not badly and quickly disappeared from view.
Then the minotaur Michael followed.
He was also hurt and hobbled by one of Twinkle’s arrows. A powerful shot but not powerful enough to drop him.
In Twinkle’s eagerness to score some extra damage though, she left herself open to Uriel and Raphael’s counter.
They moved in formation towards her and Uriel summoned an angelic creature beside her, while freezing her in place!
The other Revengers were also hit by blankets of Uriel’s flaming power.
Porkins and Rip managed to avoid it but the demonic Belial was hit full on.
Fortunately, his hell-born origins gave him a certain resistance to fire.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Higher plains

Taking things to another level, Sven created a new map to better challenge our new teams.
After all, eight, sixth level characters need a little more room to roam.
The Revengers started on the north-west circle and team Archangelus started on the south-east one.
I haven't included the positions because, after losing sight of each other in round two, neither of us know where the other's characters are...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Manus Archangelus won’t play bull

Round one: From the Revengers perspective.

Looking southeast toward their mutual enemies, the Revengers held their breath. This wasn’t going to be an easy battle. Their opponents were unknown and appeared powerful.
An eerie gong signaled the beginning.
As expected, Twinkle, the elven archer, was quickest to respond. Choosing the odd, quadrupedic Minotaur as her quarry, she notched an arrow in her bow and danced forward.
Belial, Crossbow in hand, followed her at a run, as did the slower Dragon-born and Dwarf.
Unfortunately, the Archangelus team elected to run north from their position to be out of sight. Hidden behind some ancient ruins.
Only Twinkle was able to get a couple of shots off and even then, at a distance and through heavy cover.
She was lucky to even score the glancing blow she got.
The Dragon-born Paladin: Rip, whispers an oath to his god and summons up his protective powers.
The Dwarven Cleric bellows a few bolstering prayers and summons a spirit of light.
Belial can do little but wait.
While standing there though, he seems to swell and darken. His horns, hooves and teeth seem to thicken and lengthen to a measure that threatens to overshadow even the Minotaur: Michael’s!

That’s the way to do it

Taking in the group of adventurers in front of him, Vogir sighs deeply.
It was a good plan. A plan that he himself would have considered, had the opportunity presented itself.
These five brigands have been waiting here, just outside the scope of the Black cloak tower, in the hopes of wresting the rescued Sibylle from the undoubtedly wounded arms of whichever group was successful.
It wasn’t just a good plan.
It was a VERY good plan.
Thankfully Rudha-an’s insightfulness, coupled with his own cynicism had lifted the veil of deception from his teammates eyes.
Rudha-an’s spirit panther was about to spring.
It wouldn’t be alone.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It’s all about to click off!

Epic battle.
Black vs. White.
The Revengers vs. Manus Archangelus.
The 15th of March.

Come watch if you’d like. I’m sure Sven’ll provide spectator passes…

Friday, March 9, 2012

Team White!

Introducing Sven's holy terrors!
Gabriel, Uriel, Michael and Raphael.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So may I reintroduce to you…

Squinting through the dispersing mist, the rust coloured Rip takes in his opponents.
He’d hoped to get another shot at the Apocalyptians, but these strange, freak/angel creatures would do.
The frail looking Twinkle looks up at her Dragon-born husband with her elven eyes. His pride is one of the reasons she loves him, but it’s also the cause of so many of their battles.
A low muttering below draws their attention to their new dwarven teammate. Porkins hasn’t said much since their introduction. It’s obvious though, that he’s also got something to prove.
And standing in front of them all, his teeth bared, is the tiefling Belial. It’s quite apparent though that he’s there purely for the thrill of the fight.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blackcloaks killed so far...

Flashionably late

With an explosion of flame, the Revengers arrive seconds after the celestials.
Their leader Belial, allows the thick cloud of acrid brimstone to drift away in the gentle breeze.
He is flanked by a trio of bemused but stoic looking combatants.
An elven archer, a dragon-born warrior and a dwarf.
Looking across the battlefield, they survey their opponents with obvious surprise.
“Is this some sort of bad joke?” snorts the curved horned Belial.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Scenes from a celestial changing room

Gabriel was the first to materialise. Bahamut had granted them any desired form they deem appropriate to defeat HIS enemies in the arena. Gabriel didn't understand why she should change. She had never felt the urge to change through the millenia that she had spent fighting for her god. The body that she had chosen when her spirit became flesh, had served her well in the countless fights and would do so, when she would bring done the new challengers.
A sudden smell of forest and moss made her turn around just to look into a face made of bark and plant-like matter, surrounded by dark red leaves.
"So you have chosen the forms of your ancestors, Uriel. You haven't embraced your origins in quite a while!"
"Well, after all these years, it's still the form I'm most comfortable in, and furthermore, the fight will take place in a natural environment. So what could be better than to become what I once was: One of the original protectors of the Feywild!"
"Well, look at you two: A fragile female and a tree! Hardly the comrades I usually long for in battle". Raphael burst into laughter and ducked below the swinging branch-like arm that was aiming for his face. His perfectly polished armour gleamed as it reflected the reddish light from the braziers.
Gabriel walked over to him with a played seductive smile "Well, if you want to convince fragile women, you should have perhaps chosen a form with,.... how should I put that,....... less scales?" She knocked a finger against his exposed arm and smiled at the hollow sound.
Uriel chuckled "And don't forget his bad breath!"
Pointing his massive sword towards Uriel, Raphael replied with a smile "Careful or I use my sword for decortication! So only our fearless leader is missing? I wonder in what form he will greet us when his two legs bring him here!"

A sound made them all turn....and burst out in laughter in unison. Gabriel put his hand on Raphael's shoulder, already tears running down her eyes "Did you say 'two' legs?".
Michael looked at the three creatures bellowing with laughter in front of him and started to get annoyed "Hardly the greeting I had expected!"
Raphael managed to look up "Come on Michael, what's with the long face?"