Epic Battle: Move History

The Ultimate Battle
Team Apocalypse
Pestilence, a female, human shaman, tendriled in green branches
Famine, a male human warden, wearing a battle axe and the coat of a ram (with the head still attached ;-) )
War, a male human druid with a staff made from bones of his enemies and wearing the coat of a wild boar whose eyes still watch you.
Death, a massive human barbarian holding the biggest fullblade sword you've ever seen and wearing a lion's coat (guess what, head still attached) :)

Hells Razors
Four almost identical Tiefling Warlocks named Azazel, Mastema, Voland and Belial

Team Apocalypse appears in the right of the arena, Hells Razors to the left.

Azazel     25
Mastema    19
Famine     19
Voland     18
Pestilence 15
War        11
Death      11
Belial      7

Free Move round and Round 1

Two rounds of move actions result in the players taking covering positions, War apparently disapearing from view:

** Hells Razors use Fiendish Resilience granting them +5 HP
** Movement allows HR to get +2 Concealment from "Shadow Walk"

Round 2
Move: Moves up behind Belial, 
Minor: places his 'Warlocks curse' at Death and
Standard: fires his crossbow at him!
Azazel rolls 5 vs AC - he misses.
Move: moves slighty past Azazel and Belial and 
Standard: fires his crossbow at Death
Mastema rolls 9, also misses
Standard Action: Light and throw sunrod 5 squares.
Move: 5 squares into corner of wall

Effect: Sunrod lights the whole northern part of the area with bright light (20 squares radius)
2 Move Actions
Minor: Suppress giggle (successful)
Voland runs to the other side of the wall to Famine
Famine Fails Passive Perception. (New Positions)

Talk: Call to Spirits

Move S-W
Standard: Hurl flame seed at Voland.
Miss. (8+7 vs Reflex 16) No effect
Minor: Activate Feet Pursuit (+3 speed while in beast for until end of encounter)

Minor: Enters Macetail's rage
Move: Next to Famine
2nd Move: Sharpen Fullblade with an evil grin
Free Talk: to sword "You'll soon taste their blood my friend! Be patient!"

Effect: Awesome!
Minor: Warlock's curse on War
Move: South to within 7 squares
Standard: Wand: Witchfire. (Daily) against War
Effect: Hits! (rolled 17) Damage: 21HP (including Warlocks Curse) 

Action Point
Standard: Witchfire. (Daily): against War
Hit! (rolled 8) Damage 11HP
War has taken 32HP Damage, He is bloodied and in very bad shape 

Round 3

Sees WAR inconceivably still on his feet.
Minor: Sniggers (a lot).
Move: South to within 8 squares from War.
Standard: Eldritch blast.
Effect: Hits! Damage 13HP. Kills War!!

First blood to the Non-human Strikers.  But it is not over yet!

Azazel also gets his "Misty Step" bonus move and teleports behind the central tree.

Minor: laughs out loud.
Move: South to within 8 squares from War.
Standard: Eldritch blast.
With the +5 bonus from attacking an unconscious opponent, the blast hits and sends War into oblivion (17HP damage).
Minor: A assume the form of the Winter's herald (until end of encounter, +1 AC, resist cold, and in a radius 2 around me terrain is difficult for enemies wherever I am) (daily)
Free: The vengeful broadsword declares open war against Mastema
Attack: Charge around corner against Voland with Thunder Ram Assault
Extra Free attack from his Hide armour's daily power
Effect 16+10=26HP Damage
Push Voland 1 square S-W
Action Point
Charge Mastema: Move to E of Mastema, Attack of Winter's Herald (burst 1) against Mastema and Voland
Hit! Damage 20HP to Mastema, Mastema is immobilized (save ends). Miss Voland though, but he still takes 4HP damage and is immobilized for 1 round.

Minor: Warlock's curse on Famine.
Minor: Infernal wrath
Standard. Witchfire!
but...Famine gets a free basic attack (roll 18) so and hits with his broadsword and does 12HP damage.
Amazingly Voland is still on his feet thanks to his Fiendish Resilience!
So, Voland's Witchfire combined with the infernal wrath and warlocks curse: does 3d6+11 in total
Hits (roll 10) Famine takes 23HP and now has -5 on his to-hit rolls until the end of Voland's next round (from the curse)!
Action Point
Standard: Witchfire wand!
Hits (roll 15) Does 2d6+6 max damage = 18HP !! 
Another -5 on to hit rolls (if they stack) Total -10
Famine has taken a total of 41HP damage!
Move: Upwards (N-N-W) above Death
Minor: Call spirit companion. The bear materialises S-W of Famine next to Mastema and Belial
Standard:  I call for the wrath of the spirit world which is channelled through my spirit and affects both adjacent enemies.
Effect: Hits Mastema (roll 14) does 19HP damage!  Knocked prone.
Hits Belial (roll 20 - crit). Does 22HP damage!! Knocked prone.
Famine gets back 14HP from a healing surge (free action) due to Hungry Spirit Totem
Action Point
Standard: Calls to the ancestral warrior and channels the attack through her spirit companion at Belial
Effect: Hits (roll 12). Damage 5HP to Belial and until next turn allies next to spirit companion get +2 power bonus to all defenses!
Death's turn tomorrow, but some stats: Hells Razors have taken 96HP damage in total so far. Apocalypse have taken 103, and healed 14, but are a man down.

Move: moves round wall - see map.
Attack of Opportunity: Mastema takes a swipe. But before he can, Famine calls upon his Warden's Fury and the marked man is struck with an awesome blow
Warden's Fury (roll 13) with bonuses and the -10 
he misses!
Mastema(AoO): strikes with his dagger 
(roll 16) and does 2HP Damage
Voland(AoO): sees the warden's fury and remembers Famine and hold's back his attack!

Free Talk: "Daggers?? Ha! Let me show you how a real weapon looks like!"
Standard: Macetail's Rage directed at Voland and Mastema:
vs Mastema 23vs reflex - hits damage 10HP  - Mastema is down!
vs Voland hits (roll 17) - hits damage 15HP+1HP for rage  - Voland is down!

Opponent(s) reduced to 0 HP, Death gets a charge as a free action.  He upgrades this to a Daring Charge, also as a free action.  And goes for Azazel:
gets 15 vs AC misses!

Action Point:
Standard: Avalanche Strike against Azazel
Azazel get's lucky the strike just misses (rolls 7) - it would have been properly nasty if it hit (3d12 + 9)!
Death finished and grants +4 to everybody attacking him, Famine is bloodied but gets +3 to Will,Reflex and Fort and +2 to AC
(Bloodied and Prone)
Move: Shifts 1 sq N-W (or should I say crawls!)
Minor: Drink potion. (Regain 10 Hps)
Standard: "Curse of the Dark Dream" against Death
Rolls 16 Hit! Damage 21HP. Slides Death 3sq N-E

Minor: Spit in Death¹s face
Standard: "Curse of the Dark Dream" against Death
Rolls 20 - Critical! Damage 36HP Death is dead.

Azazel 'Misty step' 3 squares East.
Slide Death directly South

Action Point
Eldritch blast
This is a coup de grace (I think) so auto-hit max damage = 18HP and Death really is completely and utterly dead!

Free action: Laugh loudest longest!
Run away!

FAMINE: delays until after Pestilence's turn

Move: 1 square S-W + Spirit moves 1 square S-W to E of Belial
Minor: Speak Healing word. Famine spends healing surge and heals 11 + 1d6
Effect: Famine gains 15HP

Standard: Calls to savage Elder to attack Belial channeled through spirit: 1d20 +6 +2 (prone target) vs. Reflex
Hits (roll 19) Effect: Damage 13HP and the spirit grants Famine +4 to damage for 1 round

Minor: Calls for Nature's abundance and creates close burst 3 zone of plants that grant cover to allies until end of encounter

Spirit and Famine get +2 cover from the plants
Standard: Charge Belial (end up above spirit)
Effect hits with a critical and skewers Belial on his sword. Damage 21HP. Belial goes down.

Minor: Warlock¹s curse on Famine.
Move: Azazel moves North West until he¹s 10 squares (50 feet) away from Famine.
Standard: Witchfire!
Effect: He rolls a measly 5 and misses with possibly his last attack before he joins his fiendish friends.

Move: 6 squares into planty area S-W
Minor: Calls a healing spirit and heals Famine back to full hit points through his bear spirit
Standard: Channel Protecting Strike as coup de grace through spirit at dying Belial
Effect: Rolls 17 after bonuses for being unconscious and helpless. Against Will this I'm afraid is not enough to get through. Miss!

Double Move: to N of Azazel
Minor: Push temperatures below freezing around him (he is the Winter's Herald after all ;-) )
Free: Talk with icy voice "You might have killed Death but you won't escape him!"
Free: Mark Azazel

AZAZEL: (still standing ;)
Standard: Witchfire!
Effect: Rolls 15, hits! Damage 21HP  Famine gets a -5 to attack rolls till end of his turn.
Free: Blow raspberry.
Move: Azazel's in the grip of Famine's cold frosty ground thing so he only
moves North East for 4 squares.

Famine gets an AoO:
Effect: Rolls 15 - hits!  Damage 15HP (Max!) Azazel reels in pain but runs for it!


Move: W of Azazel
Standard: Attack with the full Weight of Earth:

Effect: Miss (rolls a 4 - again! )
Minor: Produce an icy smile

Move: To edge of plant field (still cover +2) and spirit N of Azazel
Minor: Call another healing spirit to stitch up Famine again:

18 HP Back
Standard: Channel Wrath of Winter through spirit against Azazel:

Effect: Rolls a 20 - max damage 15HP