Sunday, February 26, 2012

Had the guts, got the glory!

The light of the many braziers was reflected by the white marble of the four statues. Three of the statues showed fighters wearing animal skulls or skins: Ram, lion, and Boar. They were arranged in a triangle facing inwards, around a statue depicting a beautiful female, wearing, what seemed to be only branches of poison ivy. Everybody knew their names:
and graceful Pestilence.
They were taken to the highest realm after winning the epic battle series of the Gods. Their battles were sung by the most famous bards at the courts of kings and queens and every child had heard how they crushed the hell spawn in an easy battle.
Now there was rumour that the Gods recruited teams for a new series!

In a magnificent great hall, Uriel looked at the statue of Death in awe. Gabriel approached him from behind, also looking up at the impressive sidplay "Isn't it incredible how fighters that were fed by primal energy could achieve such victory?"
"Yes, sister! They defeated the forces of evil by brute force. We've trained all our lives fighting evil, it should be a walk in the park for us!" a voice from behind the statue of Pestilence declared. Gabriel looked around and saw Raphael in an armour so shiny that she had to squint when he approached one of the braziers.
The three looked around. "So if we three were summoned, surely Michael should be here as well?"
"And of course he is. Who else should lead you three slobs into battle?" With a big grin the fourth fighter stepped into the triangle. "But make no mistake, the battles ain't gonna be easy. Whatever hell sends out this time might have learned from the failures of their predecessors. But Raphael is right: We exist to fight evil and did so all our lives. Nobody is better suited to beat whatever the 9 hells spits out!"

They looked down the long ancient hall of the Gods towards the four stone bases already waiting. Uriel winked at Gabriel and gestured towards them "Already thought about how your statue should look like?"


  1. Who says I'm team evil this time?

  2. Well, I just have this feeling.....

  3. It's funny, as a player I can only really play myself and therefore play 'good', but as a DM or a 'commander' of a group of 'pieces', I can happily be a right bastard.
    I'll get Dag to explain it to me.