Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Internal Conflictions

Sat in his solar, Lord Patrick Rician looked out of the window in the direction of the Black Cloak's tower. Whilst all attempts at scrying for his kidnapped daughter had failed, he knew that she was there. He could feel it.

He thought back to the day that he had found her. She appeared small and weak, but even then one look in her bright blue eyes betrayed the potential that lay within. He had immediately seen the chance to free Fewham from Thereanthor's grasp, and taken it. She may have been adopted as a means to an end initially, but he had grown to love her as a true daughter, and she returned that love, he knew.

Whilst he felt conflicted about sending yet another group of adventurers to save his daughter, he was resolute in his decision. His daughter must be saved - not simply because he loved her (oh, how he missed Sibylle) - but for the good of Fewham as well.

This band of adventurers had been different, though. They had mentioned the Resistance against the dragon, and while his tenuous relationship with Thereanthor could not allow the resistance to operate in Fewham, he had sympathy with their aims.

Perhaps he could have told the party the truth.

Told them that she was not his real daughter - though he certainly loved her as one, and she loved him likewise in return.

Told them the full extent of his 'agreement' with the dragon.

Told them just how important Sibylle was in keeping the dragon's influence at bay.

Without Sibylle's presence, Fewham was almost certainly doomed to fall under Thereanthor's claw once news of her absence reached the capital...

Sending these adventurers to their possible deaths was a small price to pay for Sibylle's safe return, and for the good of the whole of Fewham. Whilst he didn't like the idea, he would do it again if he had to.

He was awakened from his thoughts by a knock at the door, and a voice from the outside.

"My Lord. Another group of adventurers has arrived, seeking an audience with you."

"Very well," Pat Rician replied with a resigned sigh "send them in..."

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  1. Nice post. I'm still none the wiser though.
    I'm just happy to have (at last) the opportunity to kill multiple Black cloaks).