Friday, September 24, 2010

And in the Grrrrrrr...een corner...

Sven's Team Apocalyse

Pestilence: A Female shaman, tendriled in poison ivy.

War: Male druid, dressed in the fur of a wild boar.

Famine: Male warden, wearing the fur of a winter wolf.

Death: Male Barbarian, wearing the fur of a lion and wielding a massive fullblade.


  1. It's a bit dodgy in places and I forgot the poison ivy but I'm glad you like it.
    So when are the War Pigs and Team Apocalypse going to battle?

  2. Absolutely like War's pig head :) What could be better suited to show the warpigs what's going to happen? ;-)

    Not sure yet. When Josh and me both have time? :) We'll let you know!