Friday, September 17, 2010

Bastards rush in

Having only learned a partial lesson from their last battle, they summon the mystical ‘Armour of Agathys’ around them before they rush headlong towards the enemy!
‘Chaaaaarge!’ shouts Azazel.
The mixed group of non-humans stealthily drop back towards cover but the Tiefling Warlocks merely fire their crossbows as they close down the distance.
Bolt after bolt misses but the Tieflings seem indifferent.
Finally they manage to spot one of the enemy group and unsurprisingly it's the gigantic Goliath Fighter.
A blast of Eldritch energy passes straight through his armour. Much to his surprise the blast of Hellish energy sears him deeply.
Falling back the huge warrior gulps down a healing draft and looks to his Dwarven healer companion.
Seeking to help, the Dwarf casts a Command at the nearest evil Warlock. It fails though against its monstrous will.
Then in a massive over response, two of the Tieflings send multiple eldritch blasts at the Dwarf.
He resists the first and the second but the third sends him back down to the earth Dwarves so love.
In quick succession, the battle rages. The Halfling snipes from cover, the Goliath rushes forward and the Deva (not realising the Tiefling’s natural resistance to fire) summons up multiple fire elementals. They are still powerful enough to hurt however.
Two of the Fiendish Warlocks are hurt but so to are the Goliath and the Halfling Rogue…

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