Monday, September 20, 2010

Frying Bacon

With the Dwarven Cleric down, the Hellrazors allow themselves smug smiles. Of all the classes, Healers are the worst. They make attempting murder so frustrating!
Using their abilities so conceal themselves and to teleport around the battlefield, The Hellrazor’s manage to mostly evade the War pigs attacks and still blast the Halfling Rogue. Despite his natural elusiveness, he can’t long avoid the multiple blasts of eldritch energy. It’s Azazel who finishes him off. ‘Best to make sure’ she sniggers as she appears over him in a bust of brimstone. The poor Halfling hasn’t a chance.
The Hellrazor’s leader: Voland is in trouble though. The massive Goliath: Bacon, won’t let him escape and he’s only still on his feet due to his now shattered ‘Armour of Agathys’.
He won’t survive another blow from the War pig’s defender.
Electing for the cowards way out, Voland ‘Otherworld strides’ as far from him as he can. His instantaneous departure however causes an implosion of sorts and the Goliath and flame warrior elemental are hurt.
Sensing weakness, Belial rushes back to exploit it. Another blast of eldritch energy is enough to send the mighty Goliath reeling to the ground.
Unbelievably the massive Fighter is still only unconscious.
'He's not dead? Inconceivable!'


  1. I can hear the sizzling and crackling :) Must be a great smell on the battlefield ...

  2. Actually considering how well this battle is going so far, I'm beginning to suspect that it was you who got lucky last time...

  3. Do I hear a challenge to a rematch in there? :)

  4. Assuming I win, the next match should be Team Apocalypse vs the War Pigs.
    Then we'll all have played two matches and can await fresh meat...

  5. I think to beat a team of teleporting "glass cannons" who generally target one's Reflex / Fortitude scores, I'll have to fight fire with fire. Why, my rogue had the best chance of both killing them and surviving their assaults, but unfortunately, he fumbled his attack rolls in plain view of two of the tieflings and got toasted.

  6. To be fair, I learned a great deal about my teams weaknesses from my last battle with Sven and adjusted my team accordingly.
    All the Hellrazors' teleporting and defensive abilities are new.
    The War Pigs are suffering due to this being their first time.
    I'm already looking forward to the War pigs vs Team Apocalypse battle.