Thursday, September 2, 2010

Deal with the Devil

Gripping his arm tightly to prevent more of his precious blood leaking out, Vogir makes a not so silent vow.
“Redford has fallen and my people scattered. I shall have my revenge on the accursed Dragon and all his inhuman minions!”
It is then that the young Vogir feels a presence watching him.
Spinning around he spies a cloaked and hooded figure.
Trying to keep the quaver from his voice, Vogir shouts out to the stranger, “What do you want?”
He’s surprised by the stranger’s response however.
“Funny, that’s what I was going to say.”
Dropping his hood and smiling, the tall stranger reveals his blood red skin and demonic horns…


  1. Is that happening now or in the past? We should maybe get a tag for stories that are not current to our adventure time.

    Also, be careful Voghir, he sounds like he might be evil.

  2. This is indeed a 'background' story.