Sunday, September 26, 2010

Epic battle rules

Rule number one...
There are no rules!

Apart from the 'Draw' rule.

This can happen if both parties agree to it (in the case of both players thinking a loss is looming) or if neither side take any aggressive action for three consecutive rounds.
(e.g. One Party hiding in the woods while the other party refuses to follow them in.)

Also I have one query...

Taking a Potion is a Minor action but does that include drawing it out?
We went for two Minor actions when I played Sven but when I played Josh we went for just one.
What should we settle on?
One seems a bit easy to me and takes away from the Clerics and the Paladins etc.


  1. I think you have to be able to get the potion out and drink it - i.e. 2 minor actions, unless it is already in your hand.

    Also, if a fighter was carrying a sword and *heavy* shield, would he be able to get at and drink a potion without putting away a weapon/shield?

  2. I agree with Assif. It is a minor action to drink a potion when you are already holding it.

    As a DM I wouldn't allow to take and drink a potion when both hands are used but maybe allow for an acrobatic check and more than a minor to get the potion out without having to put the shield down fully. :) Depends on the description of the planned action and would also have a chance to fail and drop either shield or potion.

  3. Might be easier if it were hanging on a belt than if it were in your backpack.

    Otherwise, drop shield - free action. Get & drink potion - 2 minor actions. pick up shield - move action.

    That is a whole round taken up.

  4. I hadn't considered the two hands full aspect...
    I suppose it depends on what you're holding.
    I agree then.
    One minor action to draw the potion out.
    One minor action to drink it.
    Possibly a move action to rearm/reshield yourself if you were forced to 'put down' your weapon or shield.
    This makes Paladins and Clerics even more useful.