Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dragon Tales Epic battle League standings...


  1. War Pigs vs Team Apocalypse next.
    Anyone brave enough to take my Hellrazors on?
    Teams of four 3rd level characters.
    Any variation of class and race allowed.

  2. Well, yes, bravery is not a problem. Time and opportunity is though.

    I think the only way I would be able to do it was to have a face-to-face MapTools epic battle one evening.

    If you are up for that, then I shall start thinking of a team concept ;)

  3. It's such great fun I'd travel to the ends of the earth... Well at least St Albans.
    We shall arrange a boozy evening together in your shed.
    Do you have any team concepts already gestating in your head?
    Can't wait!

  4. OK - all we need is you, me and a ref.

    I don't have much of an idea yet at all. Maybe a war party? e.g. Warlock, Swordmage, Barb and Cleric?
    Maybe a party of magic users?
    Probably exotic races.
    Who knows?

  5. Assif, remember that his guys are deadly and highly mobile ranged attackers. Hell, I've even seen those bastards warping around the field, rendering them immune to attacks of opportunity or anything. Using an evenly-balanced party probably won't work, since you'll want guys with high reflex and fortitude scores to avoid getting hit by his attacks (AC won't matter that much, since they won't use melee or non-magical ranged attacks very often). Just a thought...

  6. The idea is to create what you think is the toughest team, not just a specialist 'beat-up-the-Warlocks' one.

    Also, each team will have to face each other so specialising against just one would be self defeating.

    No need for referees. We're running an honour system.

  7. I thought the whole idea was to 'beat-up-the-Warlocks' :) That's why I'm in after all :D

  8. And if you need a ref, let me know! I like watching :) And Kirk always tries to cheat ;-)

  9. Thanks for the Tips Josh - I'll need them :)

  10. Assif's in!

    Next matches are:
    Team Apocalypse vs War Pigs
    Knighty Knights vs Hellrazors