Friday, September 17, 2010

In the Red Corner...

The Hellrazors...

Azazel, Vorland, Belial and Mastema.

All Tiefling Warlocks!


  1. Very quick and crude doodle on lined paper while sitting in the dentist's waiting room.
    I wonder why this image occurred to me then?
    I did one for Josh's team which I'll try to scan, colour and post soon...

  2. Woho - nice doodle there Kirk ;)

    Like the devil at the back cupping the young lady's breast - nice touch.

  3. I did say it was a crude doodle...

  4. You know, fighting enemies in outfits so stripperiffic will make it ten times weirder! I mean, it's one thing to imagine fighting typical male enemies, whether handsome (think of any anime's "prettyboy" archetype) or ugly (pick almost any chaotic evil race). It would be a bit stranger if their outfits were deliberately sexualized, like that of Lord Humongous of Mad Max: The Road Warrior, but I wouldn't view such a fight much differently provided that the enemies' behaviours were the same. However, it's another thing entirely to imagine fighting against women; in fact, my first fight in D&D 3.5 with you guys against Ancona was particularly memorable because of it. It'd be even stranger to imagine fighting women in highly sexualized costumes, such as the Sirens that we slaughtered in Kirk's adventure - rather hastily, it would seem, but our actions were justifiable considering what we immediately knew about the situation! ;) If the Sirens were wearing sensible battle armour instead of flimsy nighties, I would've felt much differently about our characters killing them.

    These are probably just my own sexist hangups, though...