Tuesday, September 21, 2010

End Gammon

Of the War Pigs, only the Deva Wizard still stands.
Only the Deva Wizard plus his two Fire elementals.
Still emboldened by this, all four of the Hell razor’s rush to finish him off.
Mastema is the closest but Belial and Azazel aren’t far behind. Even the badly hurt Voland can’t resist blasting the heavily outnumbered Deva.
Eldritch blast after eldritch blast rain down on the hapless Deva, yet somehow he’s able to resist.
Resist AND retaliate.
Blasts of frost knock them off their feet and hamper their movements.
Bolts of lightning tear away their overconfidence.
The fire elemental scorches Belial and in his rage he teleports over to the helpless Goliath and finishes him off with a spiteful blast.
It is the injured Voland however who ends the battle with an oddly lucky shot.
From the furthest away and with the clever Deva using cover, his eldritch blast catches him across the temple.
As he losses consciousness, the Deva swears that he’ll learn from this bitter lesson.
The last sound he hears however is the cruel laughter of the four Tieflings.

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