Friday, September 17, 2010

Mob Mentality/Tactics

Azazel and Vorland round on the diminutive but now exposed Halfling back shooter. Vorland has been wounded by him but his magical armour is keeping him relatively safe.
Three blasts of Eldritch flame burn the tiny figure where he stands.
He collapses to the floor still smoking.
The huge Goliath wades in and attempts to reverse the tide of the battle, supported by the Deva Wizards fire elementals.
Three of the Hellrazors are soon hurt and seem powerless against the massive, bizarrely tough Fighter.
Worse, the Deva Wizard moves over to the presumed dead Cleric and administers a healing draft.
The Dwarven cleric’s heavy eyelids flutter open.
Realising that the battle may be turning against them, the Warlocks do what they always do in times of stress.
They flee from trouble and blast the helpless.
The three confronted by the Goliath Fighter teleport away while the unmarked Mastema blasts the just rousing Dwarven Cleric twice in rapid succession.
This time there can be no doubt that he’s gone to the Dwarven underworld.


  1. Fascinating battle so far chaps.

    I think Josh's guys should have ignored the dying cleric and carried on with the full on attack.

    No time for the dying when the enemy are still standing.

    Does Josh's team have any non-fire based magic?

    PS When you put up the picture of them, could you also note their names and class.

  2. I'll explain my reasoning once the battle's over, but the initiative list's current ordering certainly won't make things easier for me. I will say this much - considering that this is a wargame, it was a very amateur mistake to make the cleric follow the fighter so closely.

    Regardless of the outcome, I'd be very interested to apply the lessons I've learned in a rematch with Kirk once we're finished.