Friday, January 21, 2011

All of a Quiver

Vogir shakes his head and sighs.
A cavernous room full of Orc archers and what do his associates do?
Wander out of cover and charge headlong towards them.
With swords drawn!
Frankly it’s only the Dwarf: Bayern keeping them alive.
If he were ever to fall or worse, abandon them, they wouldn’t last long.
Still, there was one glimmer of good news.
Vogir smiles as he wanders between the dead Orc archers. Whistling, he gathers up their spilled arrows until all three of his quivers are completely refilled.


  1. Nobody ever does the numbers....

  2. What do you mean?
    That the Party never considers the odds before charging into battle or that no-one keeps track of how many arrows archers have left?
    I quite fancy an ever-full quiver.
    Actually it would make a lot of sense considering all thrown weapons magically return in 4th edition.

  3. No you got that wrong! It should read:
    "...considering all thrown magical weapons return..." :)
    Unfortunately even magic arrows are explicitly excluded from that rule......