Monday, January 24, 2011

Team Apocalypse vs The Knighty Knights

Team Apocalypse's challenge begins in earnest.
Looking at the scoreboard they're currently running equal to the Hellrazors.
If they beat The Knighty Knights only the Denim recruits can stop him claiming the cup!
Saying that, despite losing their first match, the Knighty Knights are also capable of winning over all.
As are The Denim Recruits.
In fact even the War Pigs could claim second place...
Suddenly the Hellrazor's don't feel so cocky.


  1. I think it will all come down to tactics tonight.

    We have a really even playing field - Team Apocalypse have infinite variety and come down pretty hard with Death with the other horsemen as a support team.

    The double Ks don't have as many options - they have two blunt instruments and two long-distance sharp ones. Balancing those will be key.

    They also have healing on their side but there is only limited amounts of it.

    In the end, experience will probably tell here. Are the Knights going to be tactically astute enough to get the best out of their abilities or will Team A live up to their name?

  2. Will be an interesting one. I can't decide: Take on the rangers first before getting into full-on melee but risk having them healed by the paladins or try to quickly come down hard on the paladins and try to get rid of them before they can get their healing powers out but get rained on with arrows?

    But you maybe right! It is all down to tactics. I hope I can use some stuff I couldn't use before...
    Still have some jokers up my sleeve but have no idea what's on your hand at all :D

  3. Actually that's true as Assif and I played our match face to face.
    There were a few posts about it though that might help...

  4. Interestingly, according to the 'Gamer personality types' chart.
    Sven takes the most interest in tactics and Assif the least and there's a similar imbalance in power gaming.
    Going by the chart, this battle should be in Sven's favour...

  5. That is exactly where I lose out.
    I'm not able to max out my character properly to get the best of them. And then when it comes to the battle, I forget all the clever tricks I had built into my characters and just steam in willy-nilly.

  6. I'd forgotten about the Hell-razors signature move which completely ruined me - exploding teleport.

    Really nasty.

  7. Hmmm, so how can I come up quickly with an explosive teleport substitute?
    I can only make death run faster than a teleport and cause explosive impact :)

    Ahhh,completely forgot my eagle spirit and fire hawks :) Death from the skies!!!

  8. Don't get cocky.
    I managed to defeat the Warpigs without any of my team falling. Team Apocalypse can't say the same.
    The Knighty Knights battle finished with only two of my team on their feet facing the last one of them...
    The Knighty Knights were tough to beat and, if I were to be honest, my aggression caught him by surprise.
    He'll be better prepared this time.

  9. Well, if I can hit my main attacks then I should be fine. If I miss them....I get into problems :)
    A single attack from Death (with add-ons and follow up attacks) can take out one of the paladins (4d12+3d6+14) and get a free charge against the next one. Just have to hope I don't miss and roll well for damage :)
    With my team it's important to get the well orchestrated attacks into the goal because I can't stand there as long as 2 paladins can :)

  10. 'Choke!'

    That averages out at: 51 damage!

    I won't even ask how that's possible for a third level Barbarian.
    My Hellrazors maximum damage for their best attack is only 30.
    ... On a critical!

  11. You could say Death lives up to his name ;-) It's 2 attacks (main + follow-up on hit) and an extra he gets from other characters. As I said, has to be well orchestrated. The single attack only comes to 3d12+6 ;-)

  12. After all the talk of "tactics", it appears Sven's went right out of the window.

    He left himself "exposed" to a couple of hits from my archers and found himself using up healing even as he dived for cover behind the walls.

    Then he rushed in to attack my paladin with only Death, leaving his tank War behind a wall cowering. This of course resulted in the rapid demise of Death.

    However, it is far from over. Rip has 22HP of damage hanging over his head (due to a weird after-effect) - can the heavily damaged Rip take it? Winkle and Twinkle are criminally exposed - they certainly can't take a massive assault. And Pestilence and Famine have yet to unleash the full possibilities of their arsenal.

    However, my Paladins have transformed into Demons!!!

    Game on!

  13. And I was condemning Sven for being cocky!
    As for the 'Demise of Death'?
    I thought he was only Knocked out.
    This battle is far from over.
    In my battle vs Sven, I killed War in the first round.
    Gloatingly, I went in for the kill only for his remaining three characters to hand me my arse.

  14. Indeed. I wan't being intentionally cocky - hence the paragraph about it not being over.

    Death has a habit of not dying - so it may not be the last we see of him.

  15. Should have finished him when you had the chance.
    I see this as a potential turning point...

    Also, I think you're confusing War and Famine.
    War is a Druid. Famine's a Warden.

    What was the power that's leaving 22HP damage over Rip's head?

    Pestilence's job seems to be to constantly heal Death up.

  16. Well, I haven't had a chance as yet. Only just knocked him down. Anyway, Pestilence has to come over to heal him ;)

    PS - Yes, I meant Famine not War ... War/Warden confused me.

  17. Ok, Pestilence will do her job and get Death back up. If necessary with an AP. The 22 damage is an aftereffect from War's attack which will hit Rip once he succeeds in his save.
    And with Famine now coming in to keep Rip busy, the eagle coming at Rip from above and to keep Van away from Death, Death standing back up with a vengence and an AP......there will be pain waiting for the paladins soon. I just need two more characters to keep the bloody archers busy :) Have to talk to the spirits about that....

    But at last a challenge for my team ;-)

  18. Now I've got Sven worried. I love it ;)

  19. OK, I've got to ask...
    Assif: How did you do 40 damage with a single arrow?
    Sven: What power causes 22 damage if it's victim MAKES a saving roll?
    Are you both sure?

  20. Fairy Fire, druid daily:
    Hit: Subject slowed and grants combat advantage (save ends)
    Aftereffect: 3d6+4 damage and I rolled critical for Rip

    So as soon as the effect ends (successful save) the aftereffect hits

  21. I've never been more happy to have failed a saving throw!

    40 damage, with a daily power of course. Can't do that again :(
    Oh, hang on, I have another archer ...

    Well my little beauty was a result of 3d10+7 damage with by Quick Longbow +1, add d8 Hunter's quarry (increased to d8 by Leathal Hunter feat), add +1 for the magic arrow which also adds d6 for lightning damage.
    On average that is 16.5+7+4.5+1+3.5=32.5

    I must have rolled a little above average, but it is nowhere near the maximum of 52!

  22. OK, that's very transparent.
    If you're both happy with each other's revelations, I'll leave it as it is.

  23. Never have I been waiting more for an enemy to succeed in a save :) No revelations here. I knew it was a daily and I knew there might be a second coming form the other archer......
    That's what I'm a bit afraid of and I might have to make her eat her bow before that!

  24. It's been two sessions now and it's very exciting. I just wish one of them would post something up....