Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The messenger

The dwarf was taken by surprise when the dark shape stepped out of the shadows of the storage room.
"How did you get in here?"
"It is our job to get into places people don't want us to be in. That is one reason why you pay us, I guess! I am here to confirm that the council has received your money and has accepted your request. Things are already in motion."
"And you are here already to do it? The time is not right, yet!"
"No, I'm just a messenger whose job it is to inform you of acceptance. The request will be dealt with at the time and place and with the conditions you have requested in your application."
"Good, see, the reason.."
"The reasons are of no concern to us! If you want to change your mind, now is the last chance! But remember that the deposit is non-refundable."
"No, I'm seeing this through!"
"Glad to hear."
With the last word, the dark shape merged again with the shadows. The dwarf stepped forward into the corner but it was empty. He looked around the room once more to see how the messenger could have disappeared but the only way out was the well lit corridor. It seemed that the praise he'd heard from his contacts about this organization wasn't unjustified.

He went back towards the surface. Now that he knew that the matter will be taken care of, he had to prepare a few things.


  1. I got all confused then.
    Were the Shadow chain Dwarves set to betray us?
    Ah, wait...
    These are totally different Dwarves from Sven's soon to be adventure.

  2. My adventure? yes!
    Totally different dwarfes? Maybe, maybe not :)

  3. It is a big clan with many factions that has just undergone a civil war. I wouldn't be too sure about anything. Especially not what Sven is likely to throw at us!

  4. So we should just put every Dwarf we meet to the sword?

  5. Disappearing into the shadows? Why did Vogir let Niema live?

  6. Niema was with you while this scene happened, so it was not her who disappeared into the shadow :) That doesn't mean that she doesn't know the guy.....

  7. That's my point. A bunch of shadowy creatures of equally shadowy motivations does not bode well.

  8. I'm just waiting for the right time...