Thursday, January 13, 2011

I get knocked down, but I get up again ...

... only to be knocked down again, and again and again until I'm pulp.

The party found their awesome last session with some very effective collaborative fighting. The orcs, despite being decidedly tough hardly got a look-in.

From a position of tactical strength with archers up high and a brute of an orc upon a dire boar down below, the orcs were utterly destroyed. Rudha-an deserves some special praise for his thorny whip as does the incredible Duggin. Without Rudha-an pulling down the archers so effectively you would have had to get up there (as Niema did against one of the archers) or rely on Vogir to pick them off.

As usual, the combination of Ghanash's leadership and rousing along with Bayern's all-round awesomeness insured the party was never facing a fully fit (or vertical!) enemy and that any hit you sustained was quickly healed.

From the courtyard up to the citadel, nothing changed. Now they faced hydra-head orc reavers that grew extra arms and an orc rampager with 90 hit points. Orestes was in his element and there was not a point where the orcs were able to really let loose and before long (an hour max) all the orcs were dead.

Party awesome. DM has to rethink a little. Dragon headed orc leader next ...

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