Monday, January 24, 2011

Maybe the Final Joust

The three primal warriors stood around Pestilence in silent excitement. She was kneeling in a stone circle on top of the small hill which she used to commune with the spirits.
The warriors could feel the raw primal power flowing through this place. Powerful spirits were close!

Suddenly her eyes opened, showing only the whites of her eyes. She started smiling.
"The spirits have spoken! They can see four knights in shiny armour; Two that wield their sword with divine devotion and two that can strike at a distance. They will enter the arena in the evening of the 33rd day after the winter solstice. The gods expect our presence!"
Her eyes turned back to normal and she slowly stood up. Death looked at her
"So! Paladins and rangers, then? Sweet! Can I take the paladins? They are always so eager to die!"
Both War and Famine looked at each other, eyes rolling.
Famine, taking his sword and putting his hand on Death' shoulder, started to smile
"Just make sure this time that you don't 'trip' again while attacking them, ok?"
War started laughing but with a more serious voice added
"Let's just make sure those rangers don't get too annoying. All in all, we should be back for dinner. We still have some pork roast leftover!"

1 comment:

  1. It's a tricky dilemma: Go for the Tank Paladins or the Archer Rangers.
    I wasn't sure what was wisest either.