Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gamer personality types

PLAYER Dag Scott Sven Assif Josh Kirk Christoph Hagen
STORY TELLER 92%83%83%58%83%75%75%?
BUTT KICKER 92%92%17%83%67%67%33%?
SPECIALIST 67%33%58%25%58%75%58%?
CASUAL GAMER 58%50%25%75%42%25%17%?
TACTICIAN 58%67%83%50%83%75%83%?
POWER GAMER 50%83%75%50%83%67%58%?
METHOD ACTOR 33%33%83%0%42%67%83%?

Explanation for the classifications in next post :)


  1. So we mostly a group concerned with Story-telling, Tactics and Butt-kicking!
    Notable exceptions are Sven's Method-acting, Josh's Power-gaming and my Specialisation.

  2. I'll be honest, I'm surprised Sven wasn't considered more of a Power-Gamer. I mean, the man created a Lawful-good werebear which ended up getting better strength bonuses than Durin's when he was raging! Was it because he wanted a lawful (Eolar wouldn't travel with someone non-lawful) meatshield sidekick with the brawn of a barbie? ;)

  3. I scored quite high in all categories except ‘Casual Gamer’.
    Only ‘quite high’ though. I must try harder.
    Dag’s low score in ‘Method actor’ surprised me, as did his above average ‘Casual gamer’ score.
    Scott’s and Josh’s seem about right to me.
    Sven’s ‘Method actor’ is annoyingly correct as was Assif’s ‘Butt-kicker.
    Assif’s right, (Judging by their low scores in each others strength) they are opposites.
    Assif scoring ‘0%’ in ‘Method acting is hilarious!
    I can only guess what Hagen will get.
    I’m also curious to know about the players we’ve lost…
    Peter-paul: Storyteller?
    Moritz: Method actor?
    Christoph: Method actor?

  4. I think that it is important to remember that these questions are intended to measure, people's motivations for playing, and what they think is important, rather than their behaviour in-game. For instance, a consummate storyteller when faced with a DM who cares nothing for the type of stories that player wants to tell, could easily resort to "powergamey" behaviour like minmaxing in order to have more impact on the game world.

    For instance, I am very much a casual gamer, in the sense that gaming is a social activity that is relatively cheap and doesn't normally involve waking up with the taste of vomit in my mouth.

    I also like explosions.

    The only reason I score high as a storyteller is that I like narratives that involve explosions and spend time thinking up ways to have them make sense, and read rules that allow them to have nice mechanical effects.

    Method actor as a motivation is pretty low for me. I got through all that in the nineties with the horror that was the puerile angsty crap put out by White Wolf.

  5. Josh, I still scored relatively high on Powergamer (75%). Primarily I want to create a narrative (storyteller) and try to think myself into a character (method actor). On the other hand I also like to optimize stuff (as you might have noticed with Team Apocalypse) and I'm happy to spend incredible amounts of time on tweaking a character. But this would never take priority to creating a character that fits my idea of it.

    For me my score was quite to the point. Butt kicker and casual gamer lowest? Definitely!
    Only thing that surprised me was tactician but I think that reflects my desire to optimise :)

  6. Unsuprisingly, I am a method actor and tactician, with a dash of storyteller. No revelations here. I am also, with 17 %, the least casual of us. So people, take your gaming more serious.

  7. Method Actor
    Power Gamer
    Casual Gamer

  8. the interpersonal relationships with your fellow gamers is the least interesting aspect of the game for you? I can't wait to tell Julie-ann.

  9. Dag. Funny! :D
    Christoph. I'll add you to the proper chart.
    Sven. Nice version but I've still got the original file set up so I'll fix it myself.
    Hagen. Where are you?

  10. Well Dag, it fits the bill. If you remember, I was looking for people to roleplay with, not for something to do with my friends.

  11. Actually it's quite odd how similar Sven's and Christoph's are.
    More disturbing is the fact that mine isn't too dissimilar!

  12. Well Kirk, and you think that's not disturbing for us as well?? ;-)

  13. It's probably why we three argued so much amongst ourselves.
    Velorian, Niema and Vogir are never going to get along.

  14. Hey, Niema likes Vogir. He is quite cute. Trying to be all manly and stuff ;-)

  15. Eugh!
    Method actor (67%) I may be but (despite drawing her) I still can't picture Niema as anything less than a massive transvestite GerMan.