Thursday, January 20, 2011

Egil's Lullaby

(With Apologies to Eugene Field)

The sea is dark and the waves crest white,

As the hern-king speeds from the deeps to night

And this is the song the hern-king sings

As over his children his cloak he flings

“Swim, swim, little ones, swim;

be mindful of nets and hooks and lines;

and swim, little ones, swim”.

The sea is wild and the waves crest high

As the hunter sinks to the deep and dies

And this is the song the hunter sings

As back to his children his last cry rings

“Run, run, little ones, run;

I killed the king and his blood wants yours

so run little ones, run.”

The king may sing as he speeds through night

The hunter cry as he fades from sight

But you and I are safe and dry

and I will sing this lullaby

“Sleep, sleep little one, Sleep;

You and I are safe and dry,

so sleep, little one, sleep.”

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