Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Titan is Just a Mortal with a Bigger Shadow

Covering herself in swirling shadows she follows Ghanash into the room darting for the drawing on the floor. For the first time she gets to see the massive body of the titan. She'd killed large and even mythical creatures before but that opponent definitely will take the first place on her list! Feeling into the shadow realm the shadow of the titan stands out in front of her and she places an invisible shroud on it to make a connection. Passing Ghanash, who started to take a stand to grant her cover, she lunges into the circle on the ground and places the eye in the center, muttering the words Duggin had told her. While the eye merges with the drawing on the ground she rolls over, to get into a better fighting position, greatsword lifted over her head ready to parry any attack.
A quick look across the room shows that all three dwarfs have placed their parts in the according circles! The party can begin

She concentrates, strengthening the power of her shroud connection to feel for weaknesses of her target. Without looking she flicks her hand and a black dart of shadows leaves her hand, burring itself deep in the titans flank. She notices Orestes suddenly walking and falling into the pit as if controlled and she can feel the power emanating from the titan also probing her mind. Resisting the urge to follow the titan's commands she quickly tightens the grip of her shroud, feeling for a weak spot through the thin shadow connection. Suddenly, spotting a weakness in the defense, she pulls herself through the shadow realm along the connection. She calls forth the strength of her ancestors which transforms her body and leaving the shadow next to the titan's body, buries her sword deep in his side. Almost instantly she can see the large hand swinging at her, but somehow weakened through forces that seem to emanate from the cleric. Her sword swings a second time but gets parried and the massive hand passes through her now insubstantial body. To get away she reaches for Ghanash's shadow next to her. She quickly finds the connection towards the druid which she uses and leaves the shadow next to Rudha-an.

While she issearching for the next point of attack, the druid bends down near her to take the eye out of its position, clearly fighting a battle in his mind against the overpowering will of the titan. Niema's hand, already half way towards the dwarfen daggers she took of the dead bodies in the passage, stops, as she can see the druid finding back to his senses. The loss of the eye could have meant the end of this battle and the death of them all and she would have been ready to stop Rudha-an with a quick throw, companion or not.

She closes her eyes to see the shadow link that keeps the titan in this plane getting weaker. It won't take much now to sever it. A quick look around makes her realise that also the rest of the group had taken a beating. She focuses her powers and could feel the diabolic blood giving her strength. Before stepping back through the shadows towards the opponent she shapes the shadows on the opposite side into the form of her body as a distraction.
Closing her eyes again she looks at the manifestations in the shadow realm and pulls herself along the now weakening connection towards the massive shape. Taking together all her powers, she again leaves the shadow realm to push her sword into the titans body, aiming towards the empty space where his heart once was and where the shadow links are anchored.

On the way down the massive body pulls her sword upwards and while keeping the grip, she rolls upwards to end up on top of the chest as the body hits the ground. She can see the face of Vogir appearing next to the body and while looking straight at Vogir she twists her sword, feeling the last link being cut and fading away. They had won and the titans shadow had left this plane once again. She pulls her sword out of the body and stands up looking down over the battle field. Feeling her body transforming back to its normal form she lifts the blade to her mouth.
Looking at Vogir she licks along the blade tasting the sweet blood of a titan.
"The sweet taste of victory! Tastes almost like human......just bigger!"
She smiles and winks at the ranger and, gleaming with satisfaction, walks past him to somersault off the body to check on the others.

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  1. You spent more time on this post than I did on my last one!

    Also, stop flirting with Vogir. It makes me feel dirty inside.