Friday, December 10, 2010

Guarding our rear

Vogir stands beside the Dwarf Bayern.
Gripping his bow, he waits about two hundred feet back down the tunnel from the others.
The plan was a simple one: Break the group up and trap them in the fortified Dwarven control room.
Still they had decided that some of the Orc horde might run straight past.
It was Vogir and Bayern’s job to stop them.

They waited as the sounds of battle echoed down the giant corridor.

‘Perhaps we should go help them?’ Volunteered the Dwarf.
‘Not yet. They’ll call if they need us.’

It’s a good fifteen minutes later when Rudha-an appears out of the gloom.
He is bloody but intact.
With a grave face he asks, ‘Are you two alright? How many came this way?’

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