Monday, December 6, 2010

The pitter-patter of tiny orc feet

The heroes readied themselves as the slab slowly rose up. Crouching and looking across the 10 foot thick hunk of stone they saw not dwarves waiting to come through, but what they most feared - lots and lots of orc feet, probably attached to angry orcs.

They quickly shouted up to up and the automaton began to lower the slab again.

With a sickening slowness the slab came down crushing two orcs who were still half way across but letting one quick thinking orc through. He was dispatched easily but the heroes realised that they needed better tactics before raising the slab again.

With Bayern and Vogir out of action, they had neither the ranged firepower nor their beacon of hope and healing.

Could they use the killing field of crossbow turrets to their advantage?
What would stop the orcs from running through the pass and commanding the far end of the pass as they had the citadel end?
Could the automaton do anything other than pull a lever?


  1. 'With Bayern and Vogir out of action'?
    What with us both running back down the corridor?

    Good luck boys and 'girl'.

  2. Well, I think we don't have to worry about them orcs running down the corridor past us..... Vogir is there to stop them. I'm sure that was the reason he ran there so quickly :)

  3. Two adventurers, the first an athletic human Ranger and the second a well armoured dwarven Cleric, were travelling along a massively long tunnel.
    A huge barrier opens and hundreds of orcs start pouring through.
    The Ranger slung his bow over his shoulder and prepared to run.
    The Dwarf looked at him puzzled.
    "Do you really think you can outrun that horde?"
    The Ranger replied.
    "I don't have to run faster than the orc horde. I just have to run faster than you."
    Moral of the story...
    If you want to survive, always bring along a slow moving healer.

  4. Ah, see that only works with a single ill-tempered dragon ;-)
    As soon as you have more than one dragon coming after you, you can never be sure how many come after you even if you outrun the cleric. So the moral of the story: Always have as many slow healers as there are opponents! :D

  5. Ah, that's true.
    OK, after you all die tomorrow, please roll up new Dwarven or Halfling characters.

  6. Now where is Team Eolar when you need it :D Eolar always selected slow followers.....