Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The party looked at the giant hand made of keenly articulated stone. The Orc had used it to easily pull apart the bars of the portcullis - it must contain some primeval power that gave it the strength of a giant. In fact it looked real enough to be the hand of a actual giant.

Later, when the party had moped up the remaining orcs they found the bodies of six of the cult clan that Rangrim had mentioned - the Shadowed Chain. It was clear now why they were so called: tattoos of chains ran down from their eyes, down over their shoulders, down their arms ending in manacles on their wrists. Iconography of servitude and submission an anathema to dwarven kind could only mean that they worshipped the got of prisons and torture - Torog. But, why had this cult developed?

Killing the orcs that were in the room beyond the secret door, and taking the treasure they were fighting over, the party descended a circular stairwell where they saw more ominous clues as to the hand's origin.

An epic story carved into the walls of the stairwell depicting the dwarves battle against the a mighty stone-skinned colossal giant played itself out as the stairs descended deep below Stonefang Pass. The stone giant was seen killing dwarves by the hundred but as the stair turned, so did the fortune of the dwarves. First a spear gouged out the eye of the giant. Next it's colossal hand was severed. Then it's rib was broken by a hammer and pulled from it's chest. Finally the heart of the titanic giant was ripped out and Stonefang was subdued.

What on earth lay in store for them now ...


  1. Hand? tick!
    Look out for an eye, a rib and a heart!

  2. Sounds almost like small Scottish (easily mistaken for Dwarfes) looking for a good Haggis......

  3. Crap, I just noticed the word 'subdued'...
    Not dead.
    Suddenly I'm beginning to suspect what's causing the earthquakes.

  4. Don't worry Vogir! A wise man once taught me: If it bleeds, we can kill it. :)

  5. Getting bravery from Vogir is like getting blood from a stone (giant)...

  6. I just can't help it.
    My yellow streak is a mile wide!

  7. You know, considering that we have to gather the body parts of a subdued boss to (probably) summon him and kill him for good, it's starting to sound like the premise of Castlevania II for the old-skool Nintendo. I like it!