Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back in the temple.

The party surveyed the carnage of the last battle. The goblins and their black-clad leader had stood no chance against their perfectly crafted ambush. Searching through the dead bodies for clues to the whereabouts of the other children that have been taken, Zahig senses strong necrotic energies emanating from her armour, also the pair of daggers in her belt seem to be enchanted as well.

((The armour is Deathcut Leather armour +1, while the daggers are Duelist's daggers+1 ))

Going through her pouch, Zahig also finds a letter, the hand-writing neat and meticulous.


I trust that all is well. We have moved the Diligent Misfortune away from Lakeport, however, I will be at the usual place to meet you in the town proper. According to Skreek, the three children we obtained in our last raid will complete his shipment. Make sure that they are well-fed and properly cared for, as Skreek's clients need them alive and healthy for their purposes.

Until we meet,



  1. Sounds creepy but I'll take the Deathcut leather armour.
    How are we allocating magical treasure in this adventure?
    Are we just demanding stuff or will it come out of our share at the end?
    Will we earn enough to pay for it?
    I'll also take one of the daggers if no-one else wants them.

  2. Let's take the children ourselves!

    Damn. Keep forgetting this new character is lawful good :-(

  3. Daelagor takes one of the daggers and performs some artful juggling and quick thrusts. Then he starts smiling. "I'll keep one of those if you don't mind! Nice weapons indeed! The armour is only effective when you get hit. I generally prefer not to"

    Do we have to identify the items in any way or do we already know the properties?
    Also not sure how we deal with treasure now. As a rogue I vote for letting game dynamics decide :) If yes, Daelagor only says "What daggers?" :D
    With the new rules for magic items and treasure I don't know if the old system is the best since magic can't be sold anymore (or only for fractions of the original price!)