Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shades of the Past

Vogir shrugs off his heavy shield and left-handedly picks up a cutlass to match the one in his right.
His now dead Grandfather had taught him to use the bow and sword when he was just a boy but despite his natural ability, had never encouraged him to use two blades simultaneously.
‘A longbow is the best friend you can have. It’s powerful, accurate and doesn’t place you in danger. A scimitar, no matter how skilfully used will always put you within a sword thrust of your enemy’.
Shaking his head, Vogir twists the blades through the air.
The bow is a useful tool but can often be a liability in close quarters…
Smiling, Vogir remembers his Grandfather’s opinion regarding ‘Close quarters’.
Still, he isn’t his Grandfather and has to find his own path and make his own choices.
Surely it’d be better to strike more often then cower behind a shield?


  1. "Still, he isn’t his Grandfather and has to find his own path and make his own choices."

    That sounds like somebody tries to convince himself :D

  2. An athletic Human Ranger...

    It's shocking how far I've fallen back towards playing Mendez.

    I guess the only real difference will be the minor magical ability and how I play him...


  3. Well, considering that my character is essentially Eolar, with extra smiting and less in the way of morality...I am not pointing any fingers.