Friday, June 11, 2010

The Shipping Forecast

As the hamster man splashes lifelessly into the river. Bayern moves to assess the wounds of the child. The child seems to have escaped serious injury from the party's assault, but the the collar around his neck is more problematic. Sharp needles extend from the collar into the child's flesh, and using his healing arts, Bayern realises that they push all the way into the child's spine. The craftmanship in creating the collar is exquisite, a combination of magic and medicine he has never seen before. The only thing he could compare it to would be some of the weapons he has seen deployed by the insane cousins of the dwarves, the Derro. Still, with the help of Bahamut, he manages to remove the collar and prevent further injury to the child.

The rest of the party cheerfully release the children, a quick search through the boat reveals 100g Gold Pieces' worth of portable wealth. Also, it seems that one of the component parts for the hamster's weapon harness was a Staff of the War Mage +1.

Also of interest is the Diligent Misfortune's rather odd propulsion system. Unfortunately, the party has some difficulty deciphering the rather strange and complicated control system.


  1. Would there be a way to decipher it or is it just not possible?
    So what's happening to the children? Do they find their way home or do we have to guide them back to whatever the name of the town was we started in?
    Where do we end up in the end? Lakeport? The starting town (which name I will look up soon if I have to mention it one more time :) )? Or are we staying where we are until the next adventure?

  2. Zahig would be very happy to take possession of and use the staff for the good of the party ;)

  3. @Sven: That is really up to the next DM to decide.

  4. If it is agreed that I will DM, then I really don't mind where we/you end up.

    Highmarsh may be slightly better than Lakeport as it makes sense to take the children home and news of your heroic deeds will likely attract the attention of other interested parties...

  5. @Dag Yes I know, I didn't necessarily expect that you answer where we end up :)
    But does the quest about the children (and the payment) require us to go back to Highmarsh (yes, I looked it up!) to wrap it up?

  6. Well there is the issue of 30 odd children...

    We wouldn't want a repeat of Team Eolar....

  7. And you certainly wouldn't want to take them where you're going next...

  8. Much as I loved DMing the Derro, I'd hate to meet them as a player.

    Really nice reversal of the Hamster-men's nature.

    Can we keep the boat?

  9. Well, 4E doesn't seem to have strict limits of carrying capacity :)

  10. Actually it does, as I found out when I tried to make my Paladin having a strength of 10 and wearing Full plate.