Monday, June 21, 2010

A Fistful of Gold

After off-loading the children at the local orphanage, Vogir makes his way back to Baron Redcloak’s fortified residence.
He’s not allowed direct access to the so-called Baron, but instead is seen by one of his many aids.
Vogir tells the shrivelled man the tale of what happened and is surprised by the man’s total acceptance of Vogir’s version of events.
The man’s lack if interest doesn’t surprise him though.
Baron Redcloak had little interest in the fate of the farmers and less in the fate of the mercenaries hired to solve the problem.
Despite listening to the whole story, ‘Goblins’ is all that the scribe writes on the file.
Taking the money back to the others, Vogir hands out the second payment…
Ghanash: 10gp
Daelagor: 10gp
Zahig: 10gp
Bayern: 10gp
He even gives the Dragon born Argent: 10gp from his own share.

“You earned it. I did what I did for the people of Highmarsh. Not for the Dragon dictator’s gold."

Also if we divide up the treasure found…
100g Gold Pieces' worth of portable wealth.
= 16gp 6sp 6cp each.


  1. I have to say, with people both telling me in and out of game that I get some money, I start to lose track. I feel like people are giving Argent chunks of money all the time, I must be rich by now.

  2. Only believe what you read.

    Ghanash gained 20gp from Vogir and an additonal 16gp, 6sp and 6cp from the treasure found.
    A grand total of: 36gp, 6sp, 6cp.

    This is true of everyone except Argent. He only got a grand total of: 26gp, 6sp, 6cp.
    This is because Vogir only gave him a half share of the reward.
    Vogir used half of his share to pay the happy-go-lucky Dragonborn.