Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A convergence of paths

During the next day Velorien returned. Cunningly, he had woven a spell that should have woken him if one of his family had left the city walls. He slept safe and sound, undisturbed by the noises of nature. But as he neared the tree he saw that the message was gone.

“How can this be,” he thought. “The message is gone, but Dealagor did not leave the city?”

He wondered if this was one of those acts of human vandalism, taking a message meant for someone else. But who would do such a thing, it seemed deeply uncivilized.

“Maybe Dealagor evaded my spell, and took the message nonetheless. But why not leave an answer? On the other hand, this would be very much like him. Careless; and his spelling was always less than perfect.”

Resigning to the fact that further contemplation might not yield additional insight Velorien decided to take action and to follow the footsteps. One of them might be Eladrin; but then his tracking was worse than Dealagors spelling.

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