Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You've got (Tre)e-mail!

While his companions quietly examine the opposite wall with the peephole within the secret wall, Daelagors thoughts come back to the note he had found that morning.
Early last night, he had watched the stranger fix the note to the tree. In the twilight he had only been able to see a tall shape moving near the city gate and then move over to the tree about a hundred feet from Daelagors position on the other side of the path. The creature had vanished as quickly as it had appeared.
Only later in the night did Daelagor climb off the tree and give away his location to check the area and find the note affixed to the tree. Intrigued, he had taken down the note and had gone back into hiding. He recognised the script and language immediately as the one used around Mithrendain where he was raised.

"We shall meet soon, my brother"

He had waited for the stranger to reappear but the next people he saw were his companions in the morning. Could it be his brother? Daelagor hadn't seen his brother since they'd split up to follow the different groups of drow. Did Corellon finally bring them back together?
But his brother wouldn't leave notes. He would just find him and surprise him as they always did when they were younger. Daelagor starts smiling when the memories returned. He had almost killed him once when his brother had jumped out of a tree to take him down and Daelagor had reacted instinctively. But if not his brother, who else could it be?

His companions started moving closer to the hole in the wall. The answer to that question would have to wait, but as soon as the current problem here is solved he has to go back to search for the stranger......

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