Thursday, August 12, 2010

Letters from Winterhaven (1)

I extend my greetings to you from Winterhaven, and hope this missive finds you well, if it finds you at all. The humans operating the local mail system do not show the proper level of dedication required for such an important profession. But then, they seem to fail on so many levels. Their guards are ineffective in times of trouble, absolutely oblivious to a death cult basically sitting outside their city, and their idea for survival is to run towards the next ragtag band of adventures and ask for help. But I digress ….

Daelagor, whom I have found, is well and set in his way as usual. He is still insisting to fulfill his oath, but at the same time gets distracted by random encounters on all sides. Just talking to his recently acquired entourage (I shall talk about them later, and there is much to say) has given me the impression that he has fought many battles in the last month, none of them leading any closer to the destructions of the band of our hated “cousins” responsible for the death of his mentor’s family. So, this might take a while.

As you have insisted, I shall now stay at his side, and I will do my best to usher matters towards a speedy resolution. It is my hope that we might then embark to find the foul killers, deal with them and return to our blessed homeland.

On the positive side, Daelagor’s skills seem to have improved. Especially his ability to lurk in the shadows and quickly stick blades into people was impressive. Unfortunately his knowledge of the arcane and his manners are as were, which lead to me experiencing his other abilities firsthand.

Velorien Faronion

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