Friday, August 6, 2010

The wrong sound

Daelagor was just on his way back through the curtain, holding the wand he found in the chest in his left hand and dragging the chest with the gold in his right when he noticed something about the wall to his left.
Almost too fast for the eye to spot, his right hand let go of the chest and the longsword was pointing at the wall. After a closer look, it looked like the wall wasn't stone as it first appeared. He poked it with his longsword and got a wooden sound out of it.

The noises from behind him told him that Rudha-an and Vogir approached the curtain cautiously. "In here. I might have found a secret door!". The curtain is pulled back and the two companions enter. He shows Vogir the wand "You've got any use for that? And have a look at this wall! Looks like a secret passage. Better get the others!".
He turns round to Rudha-an and looks at the hide armour. "Fit's you well! What are you doing with your old leather? Mine is pretty worn by now and yours looks like it's magic?"

As Vogir looks at the chest Daelagor follows his gaze "Ah, yes, the fat goblin also left some gold for us. After a quick look I would say it's about 560 gold coins in there. Help yourself to your share!"


  1. Vogir divides up the gold into FIVE equal piles.
    Vogir, Daelagor, Bayern, Egil and Rudha all get 112gp each.

    Division of treasure is a role playing decision.

  2. Going around the DM are you?
    Very well, but you'll still all get equal XP - even if you weren't actually there!

  3. Ok, just as offgame add-on: The magic we found was:
    +1 magic wand
    +1 bloodcut hide armour

    Daelagor takes one of the piles and nods to Vogir before turning his attention back to the wooden wall searching for a triggering mechanism (+10 thievery I guess).

  4. Scott, the XP is fine to keep the level balanced but it's hard to explain (and roleplay) giving magic/treasure to missing characters :) Let's see how well that works when done on the spot! Just means DMs have to have the treasure prepared.

  5. Vogir supports the Eladrin tourist's efforts.
    (+8 Thievery.)

  6. Personally, I was always a proponent of rewarding present 'characters' and not 'players' but as the argument started getting silly about something so petty I decided to cut it dead.

    Chen and Hawkmoon always lagged behind the others because they came late and I saw no problem with that.

    The downside now may be that if there is no 'danger' to losing a character we will just have a high turn over of PCs!


    Vogir actually hinders Daelagors efforts, but he is able to locate the mechanism all the same.

    Click - the door slides open revealing a short, dark corridor beyond. At the far end you can see another wooden wall - presumably a secret door from the other side! There's a peep hole in it...

  7. Whoopsy! Forgive my clumsy Human fingers.