Friday, December 10, 2010

Cheating the Devil

While standing in the darkness, Vogir hears a voice whisper his name.
Concentrating, he sees a ghostly image appear before him…
“Daelagor?” Asks Vogir incredulously, “Is that you?”.
The fey ghost smiles, but a look of sadness washes over his translucent features.
“Only now that I am dead, can I see why you’re the way you are. Fate is conspiring against you as it did you Grandfather before you.”
Vogir looks around him, but his companions seem frozen in time.
“I’m here to offer you salvation. Sever the ties that bind you to the dark demon whose fingers already twist around your soul and instead take an oath to the lords of my realm. They will protect you from hellish reprisals and allow you to strike back against both the Dragon AND the Devil!”
With nodded agreement, Vogir feels the darkness torn from within him and the void replaced with something otherworldly but uplifting.
With the veil of darkness pulled from his eyes, Vogir realises that, not only has he been freed from the doomed path he’d found himself on, but that he owed a debt to the very Eladrin he’d let fall.

While working out Vogir’s 5th level changes, I noticed that I’d accidentally cheated.
Apparently you have to have a 13 Charisma to multi-class into Warlock.
I’ve corrected it but it buggered up my chosen pact and my HPs.


  1. Rescued by a tourist! That must hurt. I'll make sure somebody pokes a dagger into this wound ;-)

  2. In hindsight and compared to Niema, I loved Daelagor!

  3. Yep - we should never allow Sven to construct a character at any level other than first. He has a unique ability to both min-max to the extreme and turn out an utterly loathsome character.

    Daelagor was a puppy in comparison to the bikini-clad-she-devil that is Niema the Assassin.

  4. "Daelagor was a puppy in comparison to the bikini-clad-she-devil that is Niema the Assassin"

    Hey, nobody is perfect :) Call it beginner's mistake ;-) I'm also learning over time! Just imagine what my next character will be if you kill off Niema....... :)