Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A fight worth watching

The two men had turned their head when the door opened and were just about to get up with a disgusted look to greet the stranger when Vogir challenged the newcomer. They looked surprised at each other. That wasn't a weak looking specimen after all! As the crowd gathered outside the two smiled at each other and started to move around the outside, towards the projecting roof of the stables, just behind the Dragonborn. An attentive spectator would have been able to see the daggers in their hands.

Standing just a few feet behind the back of the huge creature which had to step backwards to avoid a charge of Vogir, the men looked at each other and started to raise their weapons when they both froze in mid movement.
"I would only do that if I'm absolutely sure that I can run faster than this crossbow bolt or move quicker than this dagger"
The one on the left started to turn his head but decided against it when the pressure, that the pointy metal imposed against his back, increased. He could only see the braid of a black hood next to his head.
"We could also just stand here and admire this showpiece of fighting prowess in silence, what do you think?" A nod on both sides seemed to indicate agreement.

Daelagor started to smile under his black hood. He noticed a few other people in the crowd looking expectantly at the two dimwits while the fight was going on. He had identified the gang leaders correctly. Humans were just too easy to read. Pleased with himself he concentrated more on the fight. The human was either brave or foolhardy! He must have noticed his fighting abilities were inferior to his opponent's, but he pressed on nonetheless. He also seemed hesitant in his movement from time to time. Does he possess other powers he is reluctant to show? The Dragonborn on the other hand seemed to just play with his victim. Daelagor had seen him move over the last day and this presentation was surely below his abilities. All the more was he surprised when the Dragonborn offered the draw and could see the same feeling in the face of the human aggressor. Daelagor hadn't seen honourable behaviour in fights for a while and this raised his respect for the Dragonborn even more. Also the brave human challenger showed traits Daelagor thought lost in the human race in these lands. He was intrigued.

When the two contenders reached the bar he stepped forward. The two boneheads had followed him into the inn whispering to some of the other men and they all kept a respectful distance.
"This was a great display of fighting skill and I feel honoured to have been allowed to witness it! Please allow me to join you and pay for this round. You must be thirsty!"
Turning to the landlord who wasn't sure what to make of all this, he urged "Three beakers of your finest, if you please!"
He raised his hands and slowly took off his hood, revealing his silvery hair and the long, pale face typical of the Eladrin.
"Please allow me to introduce myself" he lowered his head in respect, "My name is Daelagor Faronion of the house Farothionnach, to you service!"


  1. So now we have Kirk, Scott and Sven. I assume Christoph's character (name?) is Daeglow's mate but he isn't introduced yet.

    Now you are waiting for me and Josh to join you.
    Not like me to be late getting to the pub ;)

  2. Don't think Christophs character will be Daelagors mate :D He might more be friends with Ghanash. But Christoph will only be joining next time since he is in Germany right now. So you have to wait to meet him :)

    And Assif, can your character afford a beer in an inn? ;-) Sounded more like he is sitting at the back of the bar waiting for the stale ale to come out :D

  3. At 14 he's too young to get served.