Friday, May 14, 2010

No Way Out

Looking around the derelict church, Vogir can feel the walls closing in.
Goblins and Wolves he can handle but where have these foul Zombies come from?
Killing their ‘Lich-like’ leader seemes to have summoned up additional, untold numbers of them and with the crumbling walls and rotten doors offering only feeble defence, Vogir finds himself ironically looking to the monsters within the walls for help.
Garnish the Dragon-born’s scales have made him thankfully thick skinned.
Fur-face the Dwarf seems to radiate idiotic compassion.
He even has to admit that the gay Elf creature has its uses.
And as for his sole fellow Human… The boy Wizard is more powerful than he realises.
Still, even with these ‘people’ to rely on, Vogir can’t help but eye the spiral stone staircase leading down…

1 comment:

  1. Garnish :)
    Fur-face :) :)
    gay Elf :D

    I'm getting to like Vogir's acerbic wit.