Friday, May 7, 2010

House rules

Well as there’s no dice rolling for HPs anymore, that’s out.

How about this one:

I’ve been having several online debates with some of the other players and I find myself becoming more and more racist…

Regardless of whatever anyone else (Dag) says, Humans are at a definite disadvantage in this game and after a hundred years of oppression they’re going to be pretty fed up.
Anger will be bubbling just under the surface.
I imagine there’ll be a withdrawing of good will to all the non-human races to the point of the starting point in any interaction being negative (Especially the new ones).
This shouldn’t affect game play but should make role-playing for the non-humans in the human towns and regions more ‘interesting’.
This will also help to equalise the game in the Humans favour.
Any thoughts?


  1. Humans aren't at a disadvantage mechanically. With the possible exception of the half-elf, I would say that mechanically, they are possibly the most overpowered race.

  2. Well, my Eladrin is a bit racists as well (he just doesn't really care about these little unimportant things), so bring it on :)

    No, seriously, I think that is a decision we either take or don't take. I don't think there is a real reason for that if we don't want it to be. The world in D&D was always multicultural and humans might also have accepted that.

  3. By the way, who said the oppressors weren't humans?? I'm sure humans were quick to choose sides...

  4. Dag: You lie!

    Sven: Any Human's working for the Dragon are traitors to their race!

    This world feels a lot darker than the one we were all just killed in.

  5. Well, there were 2 sides: Pit fiend and dragon. Looking at human behaviour, I can't see many that stayed neutrally in the middle :D

    And yes the world is darker. If I would have known what the introduction of the pit fiend would develop into...... the black cloaks would have summoned a big fluffy rabbit

  6. If you want to swap an extra feat, skill, class at-will power, and a +1 bonus to all your saves for a silly teleport power...