Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick and clean

The goblin had just run around a corner when the dagger hit his throat. Daelagor stepped swiftly out of the shadows of the tree to drag the dead body off the path. Cleaning and sheathing his dagger, he looked at the body. He couldn't believe that those creatures managed to hide from him. He kneeled down and looked at the armour and the anatomy of the body. He had problems getting through their armour in the fight. This would not happen again.

He started to make his way back to the group. They really had decided to let this goblin get away! A creature that is not to be trusted and has information about group composition, fighting styles and even intentions. You don't let an opponent get away with that type of knowledge. The human Vogir seemed to be the only one who understood what had to be done, but that may be more down to his distrust towards anything non-human than to strategic thinking.
Daelagor wasn't sure yet about the members of the group. The human sorcerer might look weak but controls powerful magic and is a force to be reckoned with. But with his eagerness he might get killed in the heat of a battle soon if he's not careful. Also Ghanash would be dead if it wouldn't be for the cleric to save his life. His tendency to proudly run straight into a fight is his weakness. Sometimes a more indirect approach is the better choice!
All of them have potential and can be valuable allies in a fight. But they also had weaknesses which could get them killed soon. Until he can pick up on the track of the drow again, following this group seems like a good choice. He can learn about dragonborn and magic users and as long as they accept those jobs he shouldn't run out of training opportunites anytime soon.

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  1. Where's the header?

    Vogir values personal safety over monster civil rights.

    Nice critique of the others.