Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Vogirous Exchange

While talking with his friends over a game of cards, a cold wind whistles in through the open door. Turning around to see who the new arrival in the pub is, Vogir freezes.
It’s not the frigid air that causes him to pause but rather the identity of the new arrival.
A monster.
A Dragon-born.
Wretched demi-dragons, walking around on two legs pretending to be men.
Taking advantage of the sudden hush, Vogir calls out, “Hey, Lizard lips! This is a Human bar; your kind aren’t welcome here”.
The massive bronze scaled creature flexes its huge chest and hisses in response “Hold your tongue Human. My axe and I shall meet you outside”.
Turning around the Dragon man strides towards the door.
Vogir curses inwardly. He hadn’t thought the creature would challange him. His friends around the table look to him expectantly.
Pushing back his chair noisily, Vogir stands up, draws his scimitar and heads out after the much bigger creature.
Once outside, the Dragon born starts to turn around. It hasn’t even raised its axe.
The arrogance!
With a cry of “Go back to where you came from, Scale face!”, Vogir launches himself at his obviously physically superior foe.
The Dragon man easily blocks the wild swing with the shaft of his axe and worryingly turns the block into a counter.
Vogir presses on regardless. A crowd has followed him out into the street. He can’t lose face now but he can’t expose his Sorcerous powers either.
He does his best but it soon seems as if the bronze Dragon born is just playing with him. He can barely get a thrust past the twirling axe and even when he does, his blade simply glances off the Dragon born’s armour.
After what seems like hours, the Dragon born stands up straight and without any difficulty, pushes the exhausted Vogir backwards.
Arms spinning Vogir desparately tries not to lose his footing.
Unbelievably, the towering Dragon born then shouts out, “Enough. We are equally matched.”
Seizing the opportunity to salvage some pride, Vogir retorts “Perhaps. You’re not bad for a dinosaur”.
With a laugh like a broken drain, the Dragon born slaps Vogir hard accross the back. Trying but failing not be be staggered, Vogir forces a grin in return as the creature offers to buy him a drink.
Grabbing the opportunity Vogir responds, “Sure. Why not as long as you’re paying.”
They go back into the bar and Vogir decides to press his luck further. “And for my friends…”
Looking around to see why none of them tried to help him, Vogir sees a figure step silently out of the shadows.
“Crap, not another one!”


  1. Clever title.
    Also a nice post.
    I like how you have matched up to a Dragonborn's physicality and still have your magic left in reserve.
    But perhaps - just perhaps - the Dragonborn has a few tricks up his chainmailed sleeves also...

  2. OK - who is the guy in the shadows?

  3. I'm not called quick shadow for nothing ;-)

  4. I think you'll find it's actually a triple post :-p

    Now, who else would care to join us for drinks?
    We have to meet somehow, you know!