Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Zahig took another bite from the stale bread. Even though he could now probably afford to buy fresh cakes from Harim the baker, he couldn't shake the habit of his short lifetime.

He looked at the coins gathered in his cap. A nice haul from an afternoon plying his trade. Entertaining with the art of sleight of hand. Making coins disappear (and reappear in his hat!) cutting the cord on a fat man's trous, sending dancing lights high into the air and scaring the beautiful young ladies with ghostly voices.

It had all become a bit of a routine now. He probably already knew more than his so-called "teacher" Al-Brahim. That old drunk taught him all he knew which wasn't saying much. His vast intelligence devoured books and lore, and he knew what he was really capable of.

His thoughts turned back to the previous night when he had wandered far out of town and climbed the steps of the ruined tower. Surprised by the mangy rogue wolf that jumped out at him, his actions were utterly instinctive. A bolt of psychic power shot, it seemed, from the depths of his mind out through his palm and dropped that sly old wolf before it could so much as open it's jaw.

Tales of adventure rang in his young ears and his stomach rumbled, not from the familiar hunger but another longing. He had no parents, no ties and no future here. He was wasted in this nothing town.

Zahig gathered his possessions and left his life behind.


  1. There is no guarantee I'll play him of course. I appear to be incredibly indecisive over this.
    After all I may end up playing this character for 3 years!

  2. Nice use of the word "trous". I especially admire olde Englishe ;-)

  3. Three years?
    We'll be lucky if we survive past Thursday!
    Is Zahig from Shalalah?

  4. I think I'd rather have him come from a different town - human, but dark skinned. Maybe from near where Thesis came from ??

    Amyway, his location will never matter as he isn't going back.

  5. So no girl after all? Sounds like a rogue sorcerer? A bit like like Telfis with magic powers? :)

  6. Chickened out of playing a girl :(

    He's actually a 14 year old human wizard-illusionist. Ultra crappy really.

    I had originally cross-classed him to have Sneak of the Shadows. But in the end I felt it diluted his wizard powers.

    As I said, I may yet change my mind again.

    (So far I have made a Female Eladrin Control Wizard, a Human Female War Wizard, a Human Male Illusioist-Rogue and now this one)