Friday, May 14, 2010

Step back to Move Forward

As the sound of the Zombie hoard receded Zahig leant against the wall and tried not to slump in a shaking heap.

That was utterly terrifying. He had never expected to find such terror at the bottom of the stairs. The Wight was horrific and he seemed to be able to control those zombies with him. And yet there was something more powerful yet controlling those outside.

He scolded himself for not taking a little time before rushing down those stairs, but the screams of the children clouded his judgement. Next time he'd make sure one of the others, more used to fighting, went first!

For the first time since the ambush in the valley, Zahig looked across to Vogir. The sorcerer was a hero to Zahig, but he had judged him a coward when he ran from the combat. Only now did he appreciate his wisdom: fall-back to a less vulnerable position and strike devastating blows from range.

There was much Zahig had to learn from Vogir and probably all the others but for now he was glad that no one was seriously hurt - thanks in no small part to the benevolent cleric.

Zahig allowed himself a muffled sigh.

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