Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Impressions

Ghanash found a moment of calm to reflect back across the last couple of days. The elf-thing and human he'd fought had been joined by another - very young - human and now a dwarf. A strange collection of individuals to be sure, but each with unique talents. He wondered if they would have the makings of the new tribe he'd been trying to forge all this time...

Ghanash realised that didn't have much in common with the elf, who seemed to prefer striking individually and from the shadows. Personally, he couldn't see the honour in that - but he couldn't argue against it from a tactical point of view.

The human he'd fought outside the inn - called 'Vulgar' wasn't he?! - had been a surprise. He certainly hadn't used any of those powers against Ghanash. Just as well really - if he had done then Ghanash would have seen him as a genuine threat and at such close range probably would have ended up killing the man. That would have been a waste.

Also, who'd have known that the inn's dogsbody would be host to such arcane power. The young boy also showed courage - or was it naivety? - in his attacks against the strange undead creatures they'd met in the abandoned church. It would be interesting to see how this impetuous boy would react in future, though. A brush with death can be a hard lesson to learn, but you only needed to learn it once. Ghanash was reminded of his own bravado against the goblins and smiled wryly - OK, maybe you needed to learn it a couple of times...

Finally, Ghanash looked over to the dwarf who was checking on the children's health. He already owed the short hairy man gratitude for saving him against the goblins. He felt that he may, in time, come to relate with Bayern most of all. He faced the enemy with strength and pride, but also had a compassionate side and would come to the aid of his comrades. A healer was always valuable to a clan.

He took a deep breath and called out to the group "The attack has abated for now, my friends, but this may just be the calm before the storm! I would advise that we make good again our defenses - and perhaps Daelagor, you would be kind enough to survey how the ground lies outside...?"


  1. And finally a 'Leader' emerges.

  2. What's with the brown writing - you are ruining the look!


  3. You use your scales to write?? ;-)

  4. Of course.
    I crush any shed scales down into a powder, mix with water, et voila!

    I'm remarkably self-sufficient.

    Don't you elves do the same?!

  5. 'Shed scales'?
    Sounds like a cheap roofing material.

  6. Eladrin invented ink when the world was still dark and only illuminated by the silvery light of the moon! Long before the great song of the Ainur included humans and other races.
    But using your own scales seems like a efficient use of resources. Limits you a bit colour-wise though :)

  7. @Mendez:
    Cheap, yes.
    But incredibly well balanced... :-p
    (You'll get there...)

    We sometimes add elf blood to change the colour :-p