Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baern discovers hope

The noise of the horde outside has subsided somewhat, although the party is still painfully aware of the press against the doors from what must be, at least, a thousand mindless undead. Still, there is a sense of some terrible intelligence guiding them, driving them to surround the temple and their occupants.

The three girls are huddled behind the desecrated altar. The two twins hugging each other, the youngest sits by herself, clutching her bloodstained teddybear, her dark hair falling over her face, her body trembles with her silent sobs. Baern's words of comfort ring hollow as if he knows that they stand no chance against the ravening horde of undead should they break through their defenses.

Baern looks around the temple, sighing to himself over the defaced murals. Once they were depicting acts of worship and defence of the faithful, but now they have been subtly altered to reveal corrupt and debased rites honouring Orcus, Abyssal Lord of Undeath. However as he studies them more keenly, trying to find inspiration from the original images, he realises that they hold some significance to their current predicament. Moving to the back of the altar, he puts his hand on its base and whispers a prayer to Bahamut. In response there is a slight click and a lid opens to reveal a hidden compartment.

Looking into it, he finds not only a few flasks of what seems to be holy water and healing potions, but also a platinum-tipped symbol of Bahamut! Touching the symbol, he feels the divine power of Bahamut stream through him. His heart lifts, it is almost as if Bahamut himself is telling him that he will prevail against these odds and keep the children safe.

OOC: Information:
Baern found a Holy Symbol of Hope +1,(It gives plus 1 to attack and damage rolls for powers with the implement keyword for, and once a day it will give an ally plus 5 on saves to end an effect) as well as two healing potions and 4 vials of level 1 holy water (does 1d10 radiant damage to undead, and chucking it is a minor action).


  1. Where's the header?

    That was handy.

    What does 'OOC' mean?

  2. Yes, I sort of pulled you away from the place when you first arrived, with the screaming children and all, so I thought it was only fair to let you find the cache. I think it was only a moderate DC religion check anyway.

  3. Sweet! The healing potions should go to our front-line fighters, and I'll take one of the vials of holy water - unless they get bonuses for my Wisdom score on their damage, in which case I'll take two of them. In any case, I disperse the rest of the holy water among those who want them. Btw, what's the keyword for using the Holy Symbol? "Implement", or "Holy"?

  4. No, I think it is a straight +4 bonus against reflex for the holy water. The symbols requires both the divine and the implement keyword. If in doubt, add it in the character builder, it is a level 3 holy symbol.

  5. So who are are frontline Fighters?

    Vogir will take one of the healing potions and a vial of Holy water is no-one objects...

  6. I guess I should have one of each too - but if the holy water is a dex based throw, then I won't bother :-p